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The Goodbye Company Bell’s Palsy | Natural Serum Blend Deep Penetrating Facial Nerve and Lymphatic System Stimulating To Attack Symptoms | Omega 3 & 9 oils infused with Frankincense, Rosemary and Clove essential oils


If you’ve been searching for natural remedies for facial paralysis, we’re pleased you’ve found your solution in The Goodbye Company Bell’s Palsy, Essential oil for bell’s palsy is a powerful solution for a painful and difficult condition.

The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy | Essential Oils for Bell’s Palsy

If you’ve been searching for natural remedies for facial paralysis, we’re pleased you’ve found your solution in The Goodbye Company Bell’s Palsy, Essential oil for bell’s palsy is a powerful solution for a painful and difficult condition. It will shorten the length of time of this frustrating health condition. This all-natural solution made with organic ingredients offers you a valuable Bells Palsy home treatment. Use The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy by applying and applying a few drops on the lymph nodes behind and under the ear and along the jawline. If you are suffering from paralysis in your face, we also suggest you use a high dose of Vitamin C powder orally multiple times daily to enhance the efficacy of the essential oil blend.

The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy works because it combats poor blood circulation in your face by stimulating blood flow and decreasing inflammation. This organic plant-based serum benefits your overall health. Pure ingredients such as clove, frankincense, rosemary and omega oils are blended for the sole benefit of reducing the symptoms of Bells Palsy. Bad circulation causes too many health conditions, so increase the blood flow with The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy. Continue to use The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy and you’ll believe it to be the best treatment or cure for Bells Palsy that is safe, non-toxic and effective.


Essential oils from frankincense, rosemary and clove are aromatically infused with Omega 3 and Omega 9 to create a proprietary blend of natural oils which effectively remedies the symptoms of Bells Palsy.


The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy recovery oil blend was formulated with rich organic oils which are known for increasing circulation. Rosemary and clove speed the healing time by stimulating the movement of blood towards the heart, which can reduce the pain associated with Bells Palsy.


The Goodbye Company Bells Palsy is a superior natural solution and is an effective and safe proprietary blend of oils to penetrate deep into the skin. The essential oils decrease inflammation which can lead to the cause of Bells Palsy.


Carefully selected plant oils have been extracted from frankincense, rosemary and clove because of their known ability to stimulate the body’s own immune response. For example, frankincense oil applied to the skin is known to decrease inflammation which affects facial paralysis. Rosemary increases circulation which is needed to relieve the pain caused by this debilitating condition. Clove increases circulation to repair the damage caused by Bells Palsy.

  • OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 9:

The benefits of using Omega oils are countless, particularly to boost overall health. Omega 3 is known to increase blood flow to muscles and for increasing elasticity in blood vessels. These oils are also known to improve circulation and lessen the embarrassment of facial paralysis.

20 reviews for The Goodbye Company Bell’s Palsy | Natural Serum Blend Deep Penetrating Facial Nerve and Lymphatic System Stimulating To Attack Symptoms | Omega 3 & 9 oils infused with Frankincense, Rosemary and Clove essential oils

  1. JN

    This Works !

    This oil really works. I have an acute case of bell palsy’s and the whole time I use this I saw steady improvement. I used it with a massager on the left side of my face day and night twice a day and I just steadily saw improvement. I really got better quicker using this than not having it. I actually ran out for a week or two and I could totally tell the difference in my nerves and the feeling in my face it just so I quickly ordered some more and I’m back on the healing path. If you have bell palsy you definitely want to have this as a part of your therapy regime. It will not heal you overnight but if you use it consistently the way they instruct behind your ear along your jaw line on your lymph nodes and then if you massage it in with a facial massager you will definitely start seeing great results with this oil.

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  2. Linda Torrez

    it works

    This product has helped greatly in restoring my facial muscles since I got Bell’s palsy. My healing has been very fast and I contribute it partially to this oil and the hand held massager I purchased

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  3. Branden

    So far so good , dead ends are healing well

    So far it seems to be working well healing my hair but may be to early to truly gauge results.

  4. Lululove

    Recovered in 3 Weeks – Typical minimum recovery is 6 Weeks

    I used this in combination with acupuncture and all of the B vitamins (separately, not complex) and my Bells Palsy went away in 3 weeks completely. Good luck and God speed. This is a horrible illness so I pray that you recover expediently and fully.

    22 people found this helpful

  5. Guadalupe b

    Excelente producto 100% recomendado

    Me sirvió mucho, se los recomiendo 100 %

  6. CC

    Relieves pain

    I love this oil! It helped with pain in my face and ear infections! I will purchase again.

  7. Maggie

    Smells great!

    Just got this & tried it for the first time behind ears & jawline & neck & gonna use my face massager now and hopefully this will help my Bell’s palsy which they say is severe.

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  8. Paula J

    Help for Bell’s palsy

    I ordered this for help with Bell’s palsy. It’s easy to use, has a nice scent and I do feel like there has been improvement in my facial droop since using it. it’s not an overnight miracle but with time and patience you should see improvement.

  9. waheed

    Excellent quick service

    Got this for my who has Bells Palsy, don’t if this oil has helped yet but only been using for a week.

  10. Roland S. Escalante

    Skin Lotion for Bell’s Palsy

    This lotion helped me by applying it to the side of my face that was paralyzed by Bell’s Palsy. It felt like using a different kind of after-shave lotion. I liked it!

  11. Nancy W – FL

    For my Bout with Bells Palsy

    I bought this product because of all of the positive reviews on it as an Essential Oil remedy to combat the Bells Palsy I got in my facial muscles evidently from the stress I am under with my life situation and made worse by being house-bound with the threat of the Covid-19 outbreak in my area.I have had the Bells Palsy symptoms for 5 months now, and I can say that where I had some severe facial distortions of the right lower eyelid that dripped teardrops continually and my lips being distorted, that by using this Essential Oil product behind the ears and back of skull and the Yeamon Facial Muscles Massage Rollers (which this I loved) that I now am down to about only a small portion of facial distortion and you almost can’t see any trace of the Bells Palsy anymore.I still use this Essential Oil and use the Yeamon Rollers on my face and back of the neck, and will continue until I know for sure that this condition is completely remedied.

    15 people found this helpful

  12. Kathleen L Bard

    It worked

    Love it

  13. Val Guzman

    Still to early to tell you the truth

    Using it now an hopefully it’s gonna work out for me Going on my third month with Bells Palsy.

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  14. Pinkyteatarot

    Works very well for bells palsy

    This has been fantastic with improvements to my eye and mouth movement and appearance. I used this with a rolling face massager and it actually worked even better with that as well. So grateful for this. I’ve had Bell’s palsy for two years and it’s been awful and I thought I’d never look the same but it’s helping!!!

  15. J & M Henn

    You’ll Be Surprised

    One month ago, while on vacation-I got Shingles in my right ear & Bells Palsy the next morning on the right side of my face. I ordered Goodbye Bells Palsy to stimulate the facial nerve. Pro: it has a terrific fragrance. I woke up with more facial movements! A really exciting thing to experience. Bells Palsy (mine is Ramsey Hunt Syndrome) can be so frustrating bc of dizziness and exhaustion along with half my face not moving and an eyelid that will only close 75% plus you lose taste in your tongue. The Not So Good: My skin broke out with deep acne where I applied the product.Essential oils are so fantastic that I think it’s worth it to continue use. I was originally doubtful but secretly hoped something would help my face move.

    7 people found this helpful

  16. bd

    It definitely seems to work!

    I somehow developed Bell’s palsy and started the prednisone/antiviral regimen that my doctor prescribed. I wanted some oil to massage into the area, as this was also suggested along with daily facial exercises. I saw this on Amazon and thought I’d give it a try based on the reviews. I have to say after a day or two of use (day 6 after the onset of the paralysis) I did notice tingling and some movement in my face, and it’s progressively gotten better.This is how I apply it: I heat up a moist wash cloth in the the microwave for about 30 seconds or so (as hot as I can tolerate without burning myself) and press it just below the ear, jawline, facial muscles and down along the back of the neck. Then after my pores have opened because of the heat, I apply this oil compound and gently massage it in for several minutes, including the facial muscles. Then I heat up the wash cloth again and press it to the same areas again. It’s quite relaxing. I sometimes do the exercises along with the message that also seems to help.

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  17. Shug Harris

    Great Product for the price! It really works!

    I don’t really know what’s in this serum, but it actually works and is worth any amount for the reaction it gives. It tightens the facial muscles that have been effected.The BAD part is: Unless you can afford to keep sinking money into this product, you are actually wasting money because you have to keep using it, as there is no medical CURE for bell-palsy. (none that I know of) This is simply an aide. …and a temporary one at best. Give it a try! This one bottle may be all you need. Each case is different, just as each person effected is different!

    7 people found this helpful

  18. AGATHA

    Best product

    I believe the Lord healed me as the Life and death is in His hand says the Lord in the Bible.He let me research and I found this product by searching and ordered. It took six months. Now I am well praise His Holy Name for helping finding me find this product. I am a transplant patient. Due to chemotherapy my nerves were attacked and I also had Bell’s palsy. March 15, 2018.First I prayed to the Lord Jesus then used this product. Be patient. I used six months. It worked nicely. I got my smile back from my Saviour.Thank you. It is the great product not just for bels palsy but many neurological healing. God bless you.RespectfullyAgatha. GarrettA miracle child of Christ indeed! If you don’t know Who Jesus is, I would love to tell you. Contact me. Jesus is God.Agusar6@yahoo.com

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  19. Amazon Customer

    The only thing that worked after trying others for 4 weeks

    My 5 year old got bell’s after a virus back in October and nothing seemed to be helping that the Dr suggested or gave us. I started researching about vitamin B and Zinc so we began that but didn’t see much improvement after 4 weeks. I decided to read the reviews on this and take the chance. I got a ball roller to help massage it into the left side of her face. We put it on the first night and by morning we looked at her face and she could move the corner of her mouth up. The next night we did it again for a few minutes before bed. That next morning she could close her eye all the way and a little more of a smile. Did it again that night and by morning she was able to blink and smile. I did a total of 4 nights and stopped after that. I kept an eye on her but everything has been good since we stopped. I understand it may not work the same with each person and may take longer than others. We did boost her immune system with elderberry, probiotics, b12 and zinc. We made sure she had a health diet and lots of water to help. And we did take a steroid at the beginning when it happened. But this is what really changed things and changed it faster which i am grateful for.

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  20. Rebecca A.

    Relaxing scent

    I bought this based on hopes of helping my Bell’s Palsy pretty soon after onset of the diagnosis. I like natural remedies when possible. I can’t say if it ultimately helped or not, since my palsy was ultimately eliminated within a day and a half of antibiotics and an ear infection diagnosis (following a poor diagnosis and antivirals and prednisone). The oil does have a nice herbal scent to it that I still actually like to dab on my neck from time to time because it acts as a stress reliever for me. I like it, but again, it’s hard to conclude if it helped significantly, even though I did apply it daily for the first two weeks of having Bell’s palsy.

    2 people found this helpful

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