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The Goodbye Company Yeast Essential Oil Serum – Yeast Infection Treatment for Women & Men- Made in USA (30 ml)


Brand The Goodbye Company
Item Form Oil
Specific Uses For Product Yeast Infection
Number of Items 1

About this item

  • Use Nature’s Bounty to Improve Health: The Goodbye Company holistic serum is formulated with cinnamon and clove oils which are infused with a proprietary blend of natural Omega 9 oils.
  • Easy to Use: Apply 3-5 drops to the affected area 3-5 times daily until symptoms subside. For best result apply a dropper full to a tampon and repeat 2-3 times daily.
  • The Goodbye Company’s Mission: We specialize in all natural, organic serums. We use only the finest herbal ingredients produced by conscientious farmers using the highest cultivation standards. Our proprietary blends of the best essential oils are completely safe formulations that work impressively well with no side effects
  • Trust The Goodbye Company Products for Your Well-Being: Our master herbalists understand the powers of each plant’s essential oil and how to blend them so they play to each other’s strengths! Each of our products is created for very specific ailments. Try them for a host of beneficial remedies.
  • Hassle-Free Purchase: We are committed to the quality of our products and to offering the best customer service possible. If you have any issues with your order or product, please contact us right away so that we can make sure you walk away a happy customer.

24 reviews for The Goodbye Company Yeast Essential Oil Serum – Yeast Infection Treatment for Women & Men- Made in USA (30 ml)

  1. Marilyn Clarke

    Works Wonders

    So I’ve had a yeast infection for almost 3 weeks now. I’ve tried using Avo, clotrimazole, other OTC products (all at separate times). They all would temporarily relieve symptoms but never cure the infection. I looked at this product and decided to try it (based on the reviews).This product seems to be a hit or miss for a lot of people. For me, it was a HIT! I got this product a day ago and used it right away.DAY 1: I used the tampon method first (taking a tampon and lightly covering it with this serum). I felt immediate relief from itching. There was a LIGHT amount of burning but that should be expected from sticking a cinnamon/ clove mix down there, as they are naturally anti-fungal to an extent. After removing the tampon, I used this product externally. I simply took some toilet paper, put some of this product on it, and “dabbed” (not the dance move) around externally to apply evenly and lightly. Same thing- IMMEDIATE relief (literally within a minute) from itching and burning. I slept like a baby (compared to the last couple nights where I was constantly itching).Day 2: Woke up, took a shower, and did a combination of the tampon method and external use. It feels a lot better down there than it has in a while. At this point I’m using the product for “maintenance” as described by other reviewers.Conclusion: Please buy this product, or at least give it a shot. The price is worth it (cheaper than a lot of OTC drugs) and the possible results are worth it. Thanks!

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  2. Elexus

    Does the job!

    I love this product. I’ve been dealing with yeast infections back to back for two years after taking a contraceptive that really put my body off balance.To be honest I was losing hope, then decided to give this a try.I put a dropper full on a tampon and insert for 4 hours twice a day and by the third day I could see healthy vaginal discharge and haven’t had a yeast infection since. I’m very happy with the results! Be patient ladies and it will work.I also used Happy-V probiotics along with treatment and long after treatment.I wish whoever is reading this the best of health!

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  3. Coda

    Everyone should try it

    After I had my daughter 4 years ago, I have suffered from chronic yeast infections. I mean awful awful yeast infections. To the point of swelling. I have seen multiple gynecologists, been referred over and over. It had gotten to a point where I would just cry. I wanted to give up. And no one could give me an answer. I tried boric acid suppositories, Monistat, apple cider vinegar and baking soda baths. Nothing was working. My Mom told me about this product. And the first time I thought, “it won’t work, there’s no use.”. But the second time she suggested it, I ended up getting on here and buying it. One morning before work, I almost wanted to call out. But I decided to try this stuff. After ten minutes there was relief. And by the time my shift was over, I felt better. The day after my yeast infection was gone. Anytime I feel like I’m getting one, it stops it in its tracks. Buy this product because it worked for me and it may work for you too! I can’t go without it now and I’m so thankful for it!

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  4. B. M. Server

    Tears of Joy because THIS WORKS!

    I have been dealing with chronic yeast infections for a few years now. I’ve seen doctors, tried various treatments available from probiotics to over the counter and prescription drugs.If anything these treatments sometimes exasperated the issue. I went from 1 per month to 2 per month during ovulation and menstruation. Some work, but temporarily. Symptoms would continue and I ended up developing a reaction to some of the products..It has been HELL.I read some of the reviews for this and cried because there were so many who were dealing with similar issues and like me, had tried EVERYTHING.So I purchased, with hopes of at least minimizing the effects.THIS COMPLETELY KNOCKED OUT INFECTION IN ONE DAY!No lingering symptoms, no Reemergence, no irritation, no obnoxious smelling creams, or burning.I applied using tampon method as someone had recommended starting my last day of period (which is when I normally start having symptoms) and applied for 4 days. By the 2nd day there was NO signs of yeast at all.As soon as I started ovulating (again, I know bc I start having symptoms) started applying it again for 3 days. The infection never set in.By my following menstruation, there were no symptoms AT ALL! I applied at end of cycle just in case for 2 days and I have been. symptom and yeast infection FREE for 2mnth in a row!For the 1st time in over 7yrs I have been yeast free for 3 entire months.Do not hesitate to try, JUST BUY!

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  5. Kristine Foster


    I was a bit skeptical but willing to try anything safe. I used the Goodbye Yeast oil in conjunction with lots of other things. Near boiling my sheets as well as certain clothing that would possibly harbor yeast helped the most in getting past the infection, I think, but this was a star player for quick relief while I was still fighting an infection. THANKS Goodbye Company!!!

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  6. Elise Morehouse

    Fantastic Product!!!

    I suffer from chronic yeast infections. When the wind blows I get one, my husband looks at me I get one, I sneeze, I get one!! I was to the point where I was reduced to using unscented baby soap to wash with because everything way throwing me out of balance. I’ve tried everything else, this was a last resort try and simply due to the great reviews I thought I’d give it a try. It worked!! I got instant relief from the external itching, burning and pain upon application and used the tampon method for forty eight hours. I ended up using the method for two forty eight hour periods due to the infection being so severe. I’d been fighting it for several weeks. I’ve bought another bottle and keep it with me for an as needed basis as I work out five days a week. I highly recommend.

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  7. karina

    Yest infections

    I ordered my first bottle I was a little skeptical at first oh my gosh it worked amazing I’ve been suffering with these infections for about a year after pregnancy and this has cured it. I would always get small little cuts and this has saved my life. Thank you so much for this amazing product. It really work give it a try. I know it’s so embarrassing talking about these infections but it is so common as a woman I feel like I need a voice it so if you’re skeptical buy this product just try it out I promise you you won’t regret it

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  8. Dionne W.

    Amazing Product!!! Try It!!

    First, let me just say “thank you” to the people at Goodbye Yeast!I was very much skeptical of this product as I read the reviews. However, I was so desperate to stop the burning and itching I was willing to try anything.I received the product on August 23rd and babbbbyyy I tore open the package so darn fast I dropped it on the floor…thank goodness it did not break.. anyway I applied the product as instructed and I mean instantly I had relief. I could not believe an oil could do that. I wanted to cry because nothing had worked this fast before.If you’re on the fence about this product please get up off the fence and try, try, try this product.The oil is so soothing and smells amazing I will keep this product on my shelf. I’m forever grateful!!!!I feel like myself again 😌

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  9. Finessea

    Yeast Cure

    This product is the truth! I used it a while back and follow the tampon instructions and it worked great. I recently had a yeast infection and I forgot all about this and I was using monostat. Listen to me this is way better, I did things a bit different this time, instead of using the tampon, I used the monostat plastic stick and put about 2-3 drops and insert it directly inside. Once a day for two days. my yeast was gone! No discomfort. I love this definitely a staple

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  10. KC

    Buy it! You won’t regret it

    I have had chronic yeast infections every month after my period was over. Nothing seemed to help! I’ve tried vaginal probiotics, Yeast Relief Plus, and Boric acid suppositories. I got tired of going to the doctor every month for Flagyl that didn’t work. This oil worked within 1-2 applications. I’m so thankful. I have it on auto delivery

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  11. Melissa Willette

    Little bottle of relief

    I had a severe yeast infection that typical remedies did not touch. I was skeptical about this product but I was desperate for relief. It took a little longer for me but after about 4 days the infection was gone! I will never use another product. It was easy to apply and didn’t burn like other remedies. I had no negative side effects.

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  12. Gabi

    It’s working- UPDATE IT WORKS

    WOW.I just want to start off by saying I’ve had a recurring infection for 5 months now. I’ve taken 8 rounds of Fluconazole (which honestly must be terrible for my body but gyno told me to). I’ve done boric acid, I’ve tried AZO. I did everything to try and relieve this. I was frustrated, sick and tired of putting all these drugs in my body when none of it was helping me. I have very sensitive skin so all of the reviews saying it burns made me very skeptical of this product. Yesterday I did the tampon method 3 times. At first I did just two drops cause I was scared I would get a bad reaction, but after realizing it was ok by the third tampon I did a full dropper as the instructions recommend. At night, I slept with no treatment and I still had a little bit of itch but I woke up in the morning with it GONE. As of now my symptoms are 90% gone, I’m gonna do this for 2 more days since my infection was so bad and I’ll come back with an update on if this really works or if it just relieves symptoms.UPDATE:Because my infection was severe, i used the tampon method with a full dropper 2-3 a day for about 5 days. Symptoms were completely gone. I went to the gyno and did a test and there was NO INFECTION. This seriously works, even my gyno was skeptical when I told her about it but its the only thing that works for me. I guess you have to be consistent. I’m forever grateful for this product and will always use this before putting antibiotics/drugs on my body.

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  13. stacy murphy

    You have to read this review

    I take medicine that causes severe yeast infections especially in the creases of my legs and under my breasts. I have tried everything and will continue to try until I get something that works. Well THIS IS IT. The first time I put it on the severe pain felt better. It did not go away, but it went from a 20 to a 5. That is with just one use. You use this 3 to 4 times a day according to the bottle. By the 2 nd time I used it it helped more and so much so I forgot to use it for the 3rd time today.I hope it keeps getting better from here because I cannot come off my medicine that causes this due to a severe medical condition.I know not all things help all people, but for the cost it is certainly worth the try. I am so glad I tried it. Good luck

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  14. Karla F

    Miracle!! It works!!

    I don’t typically write reviews, but I had to for this!! I have been battling a yeast infection for 3 months! I did multiple rounds of diflucan and literally all recommendations—sleep without underwear, wash with water, probiotics, etc etc etc. I started this almost 2 weeks ago and this is the longest stretch this free of being symptom free!!!!!! I’m praying this was my cure!!! I did the tampon method for a couple days and now I apply external every so often, and after sex!! I definitely think it’s worth it to try this if you are also struggling!!

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  15. Anonymous


    This product is a life saver!!! TMI TIME …. After trying other yeast infection medication and creams nothing was working. I was having a very bad episode of the itching and burning feeling with the i got a knock on the door and this product was handing to me RIGHT ON TIME!!! Never did i think it would work in seconds the relief was instant!!! Yeast infection gone in 24 hours using the tampon method!!! Great stuff

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  16. Des Kosterman


    I love this oil so much I could cry. NOTHING relieves pain and itching and burning like this stuff. The moment it’s applied, it works. I suffer so badly and often. It helps when your dry. It helps when you’re not. IT HELPS!! Buy it. You will not regret this. Buying the bigger bottle now..

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  17. jannele

    Drop method

    I did not use the tampon method. I did start with tea tree oil but that didn’t take care of the infection. So I decided to try this and glad I did.Day 1&2 applied 1/3 of the vial 4xDay 3-7applied 1/3 of vial 3x Day 8-10 applied 1/3 of vial 2x

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  18. Karolina G

    I love it! I didn’t think this would work but it did!

    I used it the first day I got it and it was amazing I read reviews before buying and it’s literally like they said. You put it on and instant relief and it does not burn. I was scared it would. It was relieving and had a warm feeling, I put it on 3 hours ago and nothings been itchy or anything. I never thought this essential oil solution would work. Also it’s a bit thicker than regular oil which I like and I put it on the external areas and haven’t felt an itch ever since. Also tried the tampon method, I was scared at first but everything’s great. I swear it does not hurt to try it, you can always return it. Ingredients: omega 9, cloves and cinnamon oil.

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  19. DeAndra


    This product has a pleasing smell (if you like clove) and worked better than the prescription I got for a yeast infection. It didn’t harm my pH and I was completely cleared in like 48 hours with a HUGE noticeable difference in the first 24 hours! If you use it how it tells you to use it, you should have great results!

  20. CarollH

    This really does work!

    I saw another review wherein the user mentioned she would get a yeast infection if her husband even looked at her. I am the same way. I often spent 11 out of 12 months with a yeast infection. I would get the prescription and it would come back. I started just using Monistat cream on a daily basis to prevent bad ones and it often did not work. Sometimes my husband would get one from me as well. This stuff does work and I have successfully gone a few months without having one. It does not take much either if you do not have a bad infection. When I first got it I had a bad one and used up most of the bottle very quickly. It was a couple months before I got another. I would use the little left in the bottle it about once a week although I did forget for a couple weeks. When I noticed some itching I bought another and it was gone the next day. All I can say is if you have tried a lot of different things and not had success, this is worth a dry. There are a lot of essential oil remedies that really do work better than prescriptions for some people and this is one of them.

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  21. Linda Henry

    Finally relief

    I am an older woman and suffer chronic yeast infections. I had tried everything that is conventionly recommended and nothing worked. Although reluctant, I ordered this product not expecting any good result but had to try something.after the first application there was relief. After using 3-4 days I had no symptoms. I don’t often give recommendations but felt I owed it to the women who is looking for help.I will always have this product on hand.

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  22. Jemima


    Really good I just don’t have pictures of it because I don’t use it anymore but it’s really great it definitely helps a lot but once you start using that you can’t stop but it’s really great though.

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  23. Jean O’Brien

    WOW! This stuff is amazing!

    I developed a yeast infection in the crease area above my (ahem) anal region and by the tailbone. It HURT to sit, lay down, etc. My doctor prescribed a yeast pill and then some ointment. It worked for a day or so, but then it came back. I decided to try this before calling my doctor again. WOW, just WOW! A couple drops in that crease and the pain went away within an hour or so. The area is still slightly red but no more pain. It is healing and going away. This is a miracle serum!!! I ordered a second bottle to have on hand in case it comes back at some point.

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  24. alexsage

    easy to use and works.

    I liked it immediately will buy again

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