Meet The Goodbye Company

A home that looks good and makes you feel good too
Out of terrible circumstances, sometimes amazing things happen and that is exactly how The GoodBye Company was born.

Our son Ozzy, woke up one morning with what looked like the start of a pimple on his eye when he was just ten months old. Quickly, and by quickly, I mean within a week it grew into a large, red, bulging bump swelling his eye closed. We were worried sick and felt so terrible for our little guy. Every waking moment of the day was spent with angst, it was all we could think about. Was he in pain? Is this going to scar? Why was this happening? It made us sick literally looking at Ozzy like that would make us break into tears.

We went to doctors, tried prescriptions, did warm complexes, tried home remedies, saw specialists, it just kept getting worse and then the other eye got one as well! Professionals told us he would need surgery and it could not guarantee it coming back.

As a last resort, we sort out some healing oils, but were not convinced they would be effective as we have already tried some with coconut, olive, and jojoba as carrier oils to no avail. With that, researching Omega 9‘s we found how much deeper they penetrate the skin, then a miracle happened. We applied the mixture multiple times daily and by the third day we noticed a change in both, they were healing! We wanted to cry tears of joy this time! Within a few weeks it was completely clear, our serum worked when everything else has failed.

From there we did test groups for all of our products and have gotten astonishing results, naturally! Proudly made in the USA from our family to yours, we hope we can give all of you a little miracle.
Meet Martha
Meet Martha, the driving force behind The GoodBye Company. As a professional therapy oils expert and the founder of the business, Martha's journey into the world of healing oils began with a personal challenge when her son Ozzy faced a severe eye condition at just ten months old. Fueled by determination and a mother's love, Martha crafted a unique mixture of healing oils that miraculously transformed Ozzy's condition.