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The Goodbye Company Gum Disease

(68 customer reviews)


The health of your mouth has an impact on everything you do. If you are suffering from sore gums, a gum infection or a toothache, it has a tremendously negative impact on your life. It affects the important aspects of talking, eating and drinking. Plus, if you are experiencing pain, it affects your mood and enjoyment. For these reasons, superior oral care practices are important to reduce the impact of issues that can cause poor health and discomfort.

The Goodbye Company Gum Disease is not only an all-natural preventative oral care solution, but also a restorative solution for gingivitis, which is gum inflammation usually caused by bacterial infections. Reverse gingivitis with the proven effectiveness of our proprietary blend of Omega 3 and 9 oils infused with neem and clove essential oils. And, if you currently suffer from poor oral health, such as bleeding gums, tooth pain, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, introduce The Goodbye Company Gum Disease into your daily oral care routine. It is the best natural gum disease cure.

The directions are easy. Simply ensure you brush your teeth first with a soft bristled brush (not included with this purchase). This process helps the healing process and the effectiveness of our gum disease treatment. Then, dispense a dropperful of The Goodbye Company Gum Disease into your mouth, swish throughout your mouth, and dispel the serum. Over time your gums should become strengthened and your mouth healthier to prevent the occurrence of uncomfortable mouth conditions.

If the health of your mouth has deteriorated with age or if you suffer from gingivitis or gum disease, then there has never been a better time to introduce our The Goodbye Company Gum Disease organic formula to your daily routine.

BUY NOW and benefit from improved oral health.


1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

68 reviews for The Goodbye Company Gum Disease

  1. Cyrus WebbCyrus Webb

    The Goodbye Company Gum Disease is a great way to work on getting healthier gums

    As I get older I am of course more concerned about my gum health and taking care of my mouth in between my visits to the dentist—which unfortunately are not as often as they should be. (yikes)This product is easy to be able to administer. I use it twice a day, swishing for about 5 min, and you can feel the difference for sure. The aftertaste when you spit it down definitely takes a bit to get used to, but it’s not bad. I like the way it makes my mouth feel, and after a month I would say it’s something I would definitely keep using.

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  2. Lisa

    Pain gone. Gums fixed. 🤯

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever used. It works!!! I’m absolutely shocked! My receding gums that have been painful for years due to obsessive brushing and drinking acidic drinks have fixed themselves. I haven’t been diligent in using it twice a day either. I generally do it before bed and that seems to be working. I have one spot that was aggressive and still needs more time. But even that spot is vastly improved. The pain and embarrassment I had has gone away. Worth every penny. I’ll be continuing to purchase this.

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  3. Essie W.

    Hygienist amazed

    Having several teeth with significantly receding gums, I tried this product because I’d read testimonies that receding gums can grow back to some extent, if given the natural support they need. I’ve been swishing with this stuff one or two times a day for a month, with 3-4 days that got skipped. I also eat all organic and low-carb, which helps all natural remedies to be more effective. What a happy day when I checked and saw that my gums are beginning to respond! I’m sure my next checkup will be a total surprise to my hygienist! This oil is very pleasant to use, too. Coming back for more!Update: My recent checkup yielded measurable results in reversing gum recession, after three months of using this product before bedtime. So I went home determined to swish this oil twice a day instead of only once. Oh my lands! I can see my gums growing back before my very eyes. Don’t miss out on this miraculous formula!

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  4. Big Steve

    I would highly recommend this stuff. It takes literally no extra time to use it, and has only improved my oral health

    I bought this primarily for a part of my gum line around my lower pre-molar. It had been inflamed and sore for a month, and would get better for a day or two and then go right back. I had been using the mouth sore rinse stuff and brushing extra but no real improvement.I started using this stuff and within 2 to 3 days I could see a huge improvement, as the redness and puffiness had went down significantly. A week in I couldn’t even see where it had been irritated. So big things there.The unexpected, was that it helped with my teeth being so sensitive. Had no idea this was part of this product, and they may not advertise it, but a week of using it has made a huge difference for me. My teeth were so sensitive a deep breath in cold air would hurt, but now I can barely notice it, even when drinking cold drinks.I would highly recommend this stuff. It takes literally no extra time to use it, and has only improved my oral health, with both the intended issue, and happy extras.

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  5. K. L. Pendley

    Cuts irritation of gums

    Dentist recommended Clove Essential for irritated gums. The Goodbye Company gum disease has clover essential with other ingredients and has a much better taste. Only complaint is that the stopper does not always fill up and you can’t get the last of the liquid out with the stopper.

  6. Vero

    Not so bad but still weighing in.

    Drippy/messy. Better in a bottle with dispenser cap where you can tilt bottle and dispense. Not a dropper. Leaves a film of protection on teeth when used.

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  7. Susan D’Avanzo

    It works!

    The product worked. I was having issues with bleeding gums and I had tried so many products. I noticed a difference after using the product for only one week. I just purchased my second bottle.

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  8. Shidah B.

    Magic in A bottle….

    I loved this product so much within the first three days that I ordered another bottle! The dentist actually tried to say that I would have to spend at least 20,000….. Then I stumbled across this little miracle in a bottle. I can see the difference I can definitely feel the difference as I’m drinking a chocolate shake right now! Love love this product I’m going to get me a third bottle even though I’m not finished with the other one….. Very very good product!

  9. Asherah Eden

    Effective for gingivitis

    I have been using this now for just over 2 weeks, and have noticed significant changes in my gums. I had some pockets around old dental work that were hot and swollen. Both have reduced dramatically. Also severe gum recession around front lower teeth, which is now slowly filling in. The product is great, but I will be clear and say I used it twice a day instead of once a day. At that rate the small bottle (1 oz) will last me approx 2 and a half weeks. Like anything holistic, buy the bigger size, and realize that its a project and full results likely will take a couple of months.

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  10. B. Williams

    Got results quickly

    The product came fast, was packaged well & there was no leaking at all. Love the little pouch it came in. I have been using this product for about a month & am very happy. I had bleeding & receding gums, a couple of loose teeth & the start of an abscess. I was desperate to find something to hold me over for a bit. I was surprised i saw results after using it twice a day for just a couple of days. My inflamed & painful gums subsided & within a week the loose teeth were not as loose. My gums feel & look healthier. After using it for a couple of weeks I have only been using it at night mostly because I tried to make it last a little longer. It was a little messy in the beginning but I figured out how to stop that. Still have a little trouble getting all the liquid out of the dropper as it’s very thick. The benefits far outweigh these minor things. Very happy with the results I’ve gotten & i am ordering another bottle.

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  11. Paula

    Have gum ISSUES?

    I have recently been having some gum issues (bottom gums) inflamed and bleeding and actually throbbing.. I have used this product two times once a day and truly MIRACULOUS results OVERNIGHT!!… swelling has gone down.. bleeding minimal and no pain.!… HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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  12. Jason S

    Superlative Customer Service!!


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  13. Amazon Customer

    Seeing benefits after only 2 weeks of use

    I have been using this product for around 2 weeks and I have already noticed a huge difference. Specifically, after I floss the soft plaque that is removed does not smell bad (it used to because I have somewhat deep pockets in my gums). I’m sure this is making a positive impact on my breath and the environment in my mouth. Also, hard plaque build up behind my lower front teeth has been coming off while flossing. Literally large pieces of build up just come loose. This never happened when I flossed previously and normally that build up only gets removed during cleanings at the dentist. I was skeptical about the effects of using what seems like a small dropper once per day but the results have been great. I simply brush my teeth in the morning and drop the oil into my mouth and swish it around while I’m the shower, spit it out when I’m done. Super easy and doesn’t take any extra time out of the day. I’m excited to see what my dentist thinks at my next appointment as it was recommended I get scaling done because of the deep pockets in my gums. Very happy customer so far.

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  14. Happy__Jenn

    Life changing results

    This product seriously works! I’m in my 20’s and I was in really bad shape before using this product. I had severe gum recession, pain, sensitivity, and bleeding. My dentist was telling me I would have to have surgery if the recession became any worse. I had already tried sensitivity toothpastes, mouth washes, and was flossing and brushing multiple times a day with extra soft toothbrushes. Finally I was waking up with my teeth and gums aching, I knew I needed something to change. I had heard about oil pulling and products like this before and started to do some research. I looked at this product and the reviews were good so I decided I had nothing to lose. I purchased this in November, and within a week of using twice a day for 3 mins (I use 2 full droppers not the recommended 1) I immediately started to see results. My gums stopped bleeding, and my extreme sensitivity began to back off. Another few weeks and my gums began to look better. After a month and a half I went down to once a day. Today I had my annual exam, and my dentist was amazed at the results! Not only was my recession better, it has completely reversed! He said there are no signs of recession and my gums look extremely healthy! I went from possible surgery, to amazing oral health! And no I was not paid to write this if you are skeptical. This is a life-changing product and I will never stop using it!

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  15. maurice

    Product as described The Goodbye Company gum disease

    Product as describedI have ordered this before it works great this time it came in with a little pouch but the problem was is that the bottle leek the pouch absorbed most of it I’m not gonna send it back because it does work I do need it but won’t will not order it next time I will buy some over-the-counter

  16. Ms. Ross

    This is a great product!

    With the irritation I have had with my gums and teeth and after using different toothpastes and mouthwash, this is by far the best product I could have found. I highly recommend this product.

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  17. marshia franklin

    Be patient. Follow directions. It works

    This stuff is great and it works. Not fast but slow and steady and my gums in the one problem area haven’t bled or puffed up in a year and a half. However I got lazy and had a piece of nut get under the once bad part of my gum. A good water floss with an Oz. if ioRines Concentrate added to the water. Got out the little bit of blood. Applied the Goodbye company and everything is back great again. I also use Dentitox Pro, however get it from their website bc someone has scammed Amazon to sell a water fake in the Dentitox bottles. I notified Amazon and they rectified it immediately. However get from website. The combination is fantastic for me. I have an appointment with a new holistic dentist and periodontist in February so I will report back! I am very happy with this one The Goodbye Company Gum Disease natural product😁

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  18. George

    Need to Improve Dropper

    Good product but packaging sucks big time, the dropper was damaged

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  19. amber corbin

    It worked for me.

    I’d been having pain in my gums for about a month, and after a few weeks of pain I noticed my gums were swelling in one spot where the pain was. I started to look into home remedies and came across this. I used it maybe 3 times and the pain was gone and swelling down. Admittedly, it was not the best taste or texture. But so worth it!To combat the taste I used it as directed, swished it around the affected area, and then immediately brushed my teeth and used mouth wash.

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  20. M & M

    It delivers!

    Highly recommended! It delivers as advertised.

  21. Samantha

    I think this stuff helps…

    I got diagnosed with severe gingivitis / mild periodontis and hit my oral care hard. I definitely changed a few things in my routine, but I started using this product diligently as part of the suite of healing on my mouth. Two weeks later, I went back to the dentist because I had questions and I saw a different dentist in the practice. He questioned the diagnosis and sent me to a periodontist for a second opinion. Today, I was told I did not have active gum disease and that I was not in need of additional treatment at this time. “Keep doing what you’re doing” is what I was instructed. I credit this product in part to that. I have been using it twice a day for the last month, and I’m either getting used to seeing the recession that I have or it is slowly improving. Either way, I am ordering another bottle today and will keep it in my oral health routine.

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  22. lo

    Works wonders!

    Noticed my adult tooth molar was extremely loose. Was worried I would lose tooth that day. Began using this product 1-2 times a day and within week my tooth had tightened by 90 percent and my gums were bleeding less and healthy. Already reordered

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  23. Scott

    It works but not fast

    This product is probably good for gum disease but not if you have pain and swelling, I recommend if you have painful gums to use this paired with TEA TREE oil you will see the fastest results, I used to pair together and the same day I noticed swelling went down along with pain

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  24. Kate


    I have already started to notice a difference!! My gums haven’t been bleeding or tender since using this product.

  25. LenoreLenore

    Quality product that WORKS!

    Here’s the deal…. It works! It is pretty thick and I was not eating it so the flavor didn’t matter to me. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t bubble gum delicious either. If your tooth is bothering you like mine was, nothing else matters except after the first use, the pain was 80% better! I went to the dentist for an emergency appointment for severe pain. I was told I had a major infection and given antibiotics and an intense dental plan. After a week of antibiotics, the pain calmed down to a “barely there” level. However, I had a series of things come up that prevented me from going back right away. The pain came back. Within a week, I was afraid that it would get as bad as it was previously before my next appointment. I forgot I bought this but thankfully found it while cleaning up. After the first use…. RELIEF! I kept using it until my appointment. It felt better each time. Get it. Use it. Trust it. Please visit your dentist but definitely use this to prevent the enormous pain that sent me to an emergency appointment. I even used it after having that my tooth pulled and it was super painful because of the infection. After day 3, a golf ball sized cheek and plenty of pain, I gingerly used this and within an hour, it felt so much better! Still tender and swollen but the constant pain had completely subsided. This stuff is AMAZING!

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  26. Amazon Customer

    Works for some

    For some of my teeth I feel it has stretched my gums but for other areas I don’t think it’s done anything. Of course this isn’t a medical grade product so I’m pretty happy with what it’s been able to do.

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  27. lorna

    My husband loves it

    It healed my husbands gum he does not bleed anymore from gums when brushing

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  28. Cynthia E.

    Very Effective!

    I don’t normally write reviews, but this product works! I have gum disease and in less than two weeks I have seen an overall improvement in the health of my gums. I’ve just ordered two more bottles.

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  29. ISKAM

    Excellent product so far.

    Why should I write a review? Will they pay me for it? But credit should be given where credit is due, especially if somebody helps you open your mouth and smile :)It’s too early to pronounce a verdict but I can testify to what I’ve observed so far.First: It’s an oil, so it won’t taste or at least doesn’t taste that nice in my mouth…lol…what do you expect of oil in your mouth? :)Second: To work around the slightly bad taste, I mixed the oil with Listerine 🙂 and continued brushing my teeth as I routinely did.Result: within 3 days, my teeth have ceased from bleeding! It used to be that in the morning or anytime I’d brush my teeth, the toothbrush came out of my mouth red…lol…now, the water goes in my mouth and comes out colorless!So I recommend the product, I am a verified buyer and no, I am not getting any profit off of this…just happy to have a clean mouth and NO bleeding!!! Now for the long run…to cure gingivitis. In the meantime, I will be checking to see if they have products in the same vein.Thanks

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  30. SaMiR

    Gum aches are gone

    I was very skeptical of this product when I purchased it but still wanted to give it a try and I am glad I did. I had bad gum disease and my gums were hurting every morning. I bought a gum massager and started massaging my gums with this oil every night before bed and after using it for a couple of months, my gum pains were gone. Went to the dentist yesterday and was told that my gum has gotten much better and that I don’t need gum surgery except for a couple of implants where gum disease has done irreversible damage. Their customer service is also amazing. I have subscribed to regularly receive this product now as I am very happy with the results. Hope the price will come down a little to make it more affordable for many. Thank you.

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  31. Monique DeJesus

    The 1 ⭐️‘S don’t like it but It works

    I’ll keep this short…A hydro floss will shoot food out that has gotten stuck within the gaps of your gums…brush your teeth and then use this stuff can repair your gums. My gums used to bleed now they don’t. But why I give 4 star is the dull look they will have on your teeth like a very dim light. But just use a whiting mouth wash later in the day to just get your whites back.

  32. Damen

    It works

    Even my dentist asked to see what it was, they were impressed

  33. scotty

    maybe be patient

    my gums do seem to feel better. I had a pretty bad case of gum disease, so it may take longer to resolve. The swelling does seem to be slowly going down. I’ve used this for about a week, I hope to see better results in a few more weeks from now.

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  34. Granny

    Good for you!

    Great product, improved my oral health.

  35. Samuel canas

    It really works!!

    This stuff really works!! I’m on my 3rd bottle! I use it every night before bed.

  36. Marina McleanMarina Mclean

    Great product works!!!

    I enjoy using this product as part of my dental routine. At first the taste is off putting but you get use to it. I was told i had periodontist disease and that my gums were receding. I bought this may 30th and used it at night for 20 min for the last month and half. I just had a checkup July 12th dentist said my gums are as healthy and no obvious signs of periodontal disease. I was skeptical but this product has worked wonders in such a short time. As long as your consistent every day and brush your teeth after i think everyone has the chance to get great results! I also use nano silver mouthwash to neutralize acid. If your skeptical try it neem organic oil costs the same at sprouts.

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  37. drsteve

    Does exactly what it is advertised to do!

    I am someone who do not write reviews as I have found honesty must be expressed here on a lighter side of ones true feelings… nevertheless, I have decided to express my view–This product “for me” has made a profound impact and is spectacular in performance. I first bought this product about a year ago to help me with what I was told by a dentist “periodontist disease” I had such terrible pain in my gums and teeth were so sensitive to anything that made contact with them. I decided to try this “All Natural” product over prescription pills and within three days of swishing I was chewing ice like an “ice maker” and eating honey buns like “a pro.” I continued my dental cleanings along with completing this entire bottle and felt that my teeth had made a stunning come-back. However, the last time I went to the dentist for my cleaning about a month and a half ago it just did not feel the same and it was painful to the point I ask the MA what she did differently to my teeth. A few hours later my gums began to have that painful throbbing sensation and once again the teeth became sensitive to anything that were touching them. So now I am repeating the process and I have been swishing this product for about 4-days now and I started drinking my cold beverages with extra ice this morning. All I can say is “different stokes for different folks” but this is “MY’ story and I am sticking to it! AWESOME, MAGNIFICENT product…you can be my dentist anytime!!! as I am now in need of one-for cleaning only!!

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  38. Sandeechan

    Fantastic product for Eradicating Gum diseases and tooth sensitivity

    I had a horrible toothache with sensitivity and saw my dentist who completely missed the origin of the pain but fixed other areas that I had no current problem. I continued to suffer with the pain and sensitivity to hot and cold for 6 months. I tried everything I read and advise by friends. One morning, I woke up to a swollen face mostly on one side. I never gave up searching for a natural holistic solution than accepting 4 root canals or loss of my teeth. I no longer use toothpaste, and use essential oils with natural soft toothbrush. Keeping negative bacteria at bay was my first battle then treating the root cause deep in the gum. I’m so fortunate to have found the The Goodbye Company Gum Disease product and finally conquered the gum disease and sensitivity issues by applying this product to my gum and teeth morning and night. In fact, the pain and sensitivity stopped after my first application within 30-45 minutes. My teeth is cleaner and whiter without plaque, tartar or stains. I am a faithful, loyal, tremendously happy customer. Thank you so much.

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  39. HandyGoddess

    Same premise as Oil Pulling

    The reason I bought this product was because of the ingredients they use. It’s been proven in Ayurvedic medicine (India) that this 2 ingredients are exceptionally effective fighting gum disease.However, that been said, I truly believe the directions of use suggested by the company are totally wrong. Let me explain.Anyone familiar with oil pulling knows, that after swishing for 3-5 minutes, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth. That will insure that all the bacteria “pulled” from your gums do not stay in your mouth.Reading the bad reviews, I quickly realized they have been using it wrong.I have to say, the taste isn’t great, but if I can handle it, anyone can. After 2 weeks of using it (correctly), I’m happy to inform, my gums looks healthy and there are not pink water after I brush my teeth.I hope this review help others, and I hope the Goodbye company correct their directions of use printed on the bottle. They will have more happy customers, for sure.

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    I feel it’s working

    I think it’s working! I have read some of the negative reviews and that has not been my experience? It has reduced the amount of bleeding in the gums around a tooth that I might lose! Even with inconsistent use! Hoping this helps me keep the tooth ! Definitely worth a try if you have gum issues! I am purchasing a second bottle! ✌🏼💚🐴

  41. Ashley The Reviewer

    This works and has improved my Gums. Very Happy with “The Goodbye Company Gum Disease”.

    This works and has improved my Gums.Was having bleeding gums in a certain spot and morning dry gum pain and also causing inflammation issues.Tried all kinds of tooth paste and mouth wash, that ended up having very little benefit.I been using this for 10 days and I am very happy with “The Goodbye Company Gum Disease”.”The Goodbye Company Gum Disease”, is fantastic and has Dramatically improved all my gum issues, no more bleeding gums and dry gum pain. Also I noticed an additional improvement, my teeth are not as sensitive to having ice cream.Very Happy with “The Goodbye Company Gum Disease”.

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  42. K. H.


    Purchased this product because of some gum irritation. I have been reading about other natural resources and came across this product. The product arrived in a small burlap bag with drawstring which was very cute. I was also worried about the tastes and how it is used. You are supposed to put a dropper full in your mouth and swish it around. The taste is actually very pleasant. It has a light clove taste but nothing strong at all. The consistency is also tolerable. I was worried that it would be thick and disgusting but it’s not. I’ve only had the product for approximately a week so I’m not sure if it has made any difference yet but I will update the review in a couple of weeks.

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  43. Ivan

    good buy

    good buy

  44. Sandra Hutchings

    Bottle needs to be bigger

    When I put the dropper back in the excess oil leaks over the side. It is thick oil. I wind up licking the dropper to not lose product

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  45. Dorothea James

    Prayers answered! 👏👏👏👍👍

    Hey everyone, I read the reviews before purchasing & loved what I was reading? I really want to thank you for all of your reviews. Reviews really help the unknown. I saw results in my gums in 3 days ya’ll? Now my husband wants me to order him a couple of bottles for himself. This stuff is so amazing, will be purchasing these from now on. A big Thank you to the Goodby Co.

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  46. tara

    This is sone good stuff, it really works and keeps you out the dentist chair.

    Dont like the after taste but I can live with that because it a miracle in a bottle, gum infections tooth ache , especially at night if you can’t get to the dentist will definitely make it comfortable until you can get tothe dentist.

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  47. VLR

    For Your Gums

    I keep it in my mouth for a couple of minutes but putting in on my gums with a super soft toothbrush I have definitely noticed a difference in my gums. I’m only half way through the first bottle so I would imagine after a couple of bottles I will see a big difference. Can’t Wait

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  48. Abena adomaAbena adoma



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  49. Miguel A Avendano

    The very Best

    Great product. It really does a good job preventing gingivitis issue. I recommend it.

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  50. Fl Shopper

    This stuff works!

    I have had sore , red gums for the past year. I have been going to the dentist every 3 months. Getting expensive treatments for my gingivitis. I’ve been gargling with salt water, hydrogen peroxide and expensive prescription rinse. The salt water actually helped the best. Then I saw this. THUS STUFF WORKS! In only one day the soreness and redness us gone. I just put a drop or two on my finger and rub around the tooth line. Again, it’s only been one day but I am a believer. Will continue to use and see what happens.

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  51. Brenda Jones

    The oil is messy, but seem to help


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  52. Ms. English, Freeport, NY

    As stated in the description, this product takes time, but it’s effective.

    The “oily” taste takes a little getting used to. The difference using the product makes is worth the effort. Very easy to use.

  53. Mayra

    It works! Miracle product

    This is a Miracle product! It literally reversed the gum recession I had in one of my teeth in the course of a week! Absolutely recommended.

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  54. Spudman

    This really works !

    I used this product for swollen gums . In three days the improvement was very noticeable

  55. Ang T

    Seems to help

    I have gum issues due to anemia and this seems to help. At first the taste is a bit much, but I did get used to it.

  56. Melissa

    Buy this! It works!

    I was skeptical about this, but am so glad I ordered it. A few things…1) yes it is an oil so it is super oily! I put it in over the sink so it doesn’t spill.2) the taste isn’t great but it’s only for a few minutes and does fade after swishing for a bit.Now for the good stuff! I had bad gum recession on my left pre-molar. It was really far down, non-stop pain and super red and swollen. I’m on day 5 and my swelling has gone down by 60% and the redness is all but gone. Today was the first day I haven’t needed otc pain killers since February.I also have some recession on the right pre-molar and the redness is gone there and is no more swelling!My teeth just feel cleaner too, it feels like I just had a teeth cleaning. Amazing!I do (2) drops 2x a day for 3 minutes. It is worth every penny!

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  57. Kim Slagle

    Natural is always better

    I got this because I have recession in my bottom front teeth and a little in my side. I had surgery in 2014 to fix the one side but noticed the recession coming back. I found this product and love using natural products. I was very impressed with the presentation and the instructions. I love that the company is family fun. As for the product itself I have been using it for a few weeks so that is why I didn’t want to do a full 5 stars. As of now I am not noticing the recession getting worse. I will update as I can 🙂

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  58. happy feet

    I believe it’s working.

    The taste is awful at first but I’m getting used to it. Also, for me, it’s awkward to use, but I believe it is working. There is a slight change in my gum line and my gums definitely look healthier. I just bought my second bottle. Also, I’m using a powder toothpaste which I bought on Amazon called REGROW that may also be helping. For the first time I have hope that something might help regrow my receding gums.

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  59. Cranberryweed63

    It has an acquired taste, but does a great job

    My gums were very sensitive, and I was familiar with Nemah as being a good natural alternative for gum health. I purchased a bottle and I use it once a day for five minutes similar to oil pulling. I also put a few drops on my toothbrush before I brush my teeth. My gums quickly felt less sensitive were less red and overall looked healthier. This is an easy solution to improving gum health.

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  60. Barry Harrell

    Lost 35 pounds unable to eat because of gum pain.

    I lost 35 pounds unable to eat because of gum pain this past 6 months. I have oral lichen planus and so my gums hurt, bleed, and skin tears off almost daily. I have huge sores on the inside of my lips and lesions down the sides of my mouth and all over my tongue. It’s like have 20 or so cold sores all around your month, not to mention along your gum line! The disease has worked it’s way down my esophagus which makes swallowing even water so painful that people have come to help me in restaurants thinking I am having a heart attack. My doctor put me on Otezla which helps a lot, but I still could not bear it, so he gave me liquid lidocaine (mankind’s greatest invention if you ask me). But that makes your entire mouth numb and it leave a horrible taste and it only masks the problem. So I bought a bunch of over the counter items to see what might help. Thank God I found “Good By Styes Gum Disease”. It’s awful to taste, like swishing vegetable oil around in your mouth, but it is soothing. Within a few days of using it along with another item I found on this site (Starlite Smile Gum Disease Treatment) my gums started to heal. I can brush my teeth without bleeding and the skin is staying put. I have much less pain and can eat what I normally eat for the most part. Food with sharp edges like toasted bread with a hard edge can really hurt and damage the healing skin, so I have to be careful. But this product has put the joy back into eating. I have been brought to tears eating food like spaghetti because of the tangy sauce, or even ketchup. So I am very happy that I found this product. I am not well, but I am finally on the mend after years of pain. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. I recommend this product.

    35 people found this helpful

  61. RickiRicki

    Makes a difference after just ONE use!

    I had a little abscess, it got larger after the first use, and I started to get scared. Then by second use it was about to pop so I brushed my teeth then gargled with hot salt and peroxide and did another oil treatment and my gums have whitened, the abscess is gone, and my mouth no longer hurts, I recommend this!

    9 people found this helpful

  62. Glori

    I have been using this for a while and my gums improved a lot

    I have been using this for a while and my gums improved a lot

  63. CMK


    The only inconvenience and not negative comment is that The bottle top or dropper bulb must not seal perfectly as I had to wipe the dropper bulb/top of slightly excess oil. Not worthy of losing a star in my rating. Otherwise, I had minor albeit chronically irritated gums on short sections of the lower and upper right quadrants. After the first, just one, application just before bed, just the irritation and slight soreness disappeared. Amazing! I will finish the bottle, but unfortunately for the manufacturer and barring any reooccurance in other areas, I will not be purchasing another bottle. The perfect product is effective. This product is effective.

    One person found this helpful

  64. SugaCube


    I really like this product my mouth feels better

  65. Amazon Customer

    Did the job!!!

    This doesn’t taste the best, but you’ll get used to it. Totally worth it, works amazingly! My gums have been bleeding for no reason for about 2 weeks in a row. My insurance just ran out as I just turned 26 so I decided to find some home remedies and came across this product. I’ve been swishing this in my mouth about 2 times a day, gums are feeling a ton better. No more bleeding out of nowhere. I am cured 😩

    7 people found this helpful

  66. Megan


    I had a problem area on my gum, where it was loose against the tooth and would great an uncomfortable suction feeling with some food. To the point I was concerned the tooth would easily come loose. Within DAYS of using this 1 to 3 times a day, the issue is gone. This also isn’t just a fix while you use solution, I was traveling the last few weeks and did not use this, the issue has not come back. I plan to get back to using this on a more regular basis to prevent any issues again but I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a “right now” fix and I am so happy to say it isn’t, its an actual cure.

    20 people found this helpful

  67. Lady LaNetra

    Good Stuff

    This is good stuff!I ordered this before. I was having a problem with one of my teeth during my orthodontic treatment. I kept using it until the pain and swelling went down.Currently, I am experience sore gums in another area.And, again, I will use it until the swelling and pain goes away.Use as directed on the bottle!#!!

  68. Book Woman

    It Works!

    My gums say thank you.

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