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The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections

(25 customer reviews)


If you’ve been searching for natural remedies for yeast infections, we’re pleased you’ve found your solution in The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections.

If you’ve been searching for natural remedies for yeast infections, we? ‘re pleased you’ve found your solution in The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections. it’s a powerful remedy for a painful and difficult condition. This all-natural solution made with organic ingredients offers you a valuable yeast infection home treatment.

Use The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections by applying and massaging 5 – 10 drops on the affected area two to three times daily until your symptoms are clear.

The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections works because it combats the fungal growth from the Candida Albicans fungus. This organic plant-based serum is made with pure ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, and omega oils, which are blended for the sole benefit of treating yeast infections. Fungal overgrowth causes serious yeast infection symptoms of burning, itching, and pain, but you can stop the fungus with the natural ingredients in The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections.

Continue to use The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections and you will believe it to be the best yeast infection treatment that is safe, non-toxic, and effective.

  • NATURAL TREATMENT FOR YEAST INFECTIONS: The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections serum is formulated with cinnamon and clove oils which are infused with a proprietary blend of natural Omega 9 oils to effectively fight yeast infections at their source. This homeopathic treatment for yeast infections is a safe and organic remedy. And, it is a natural alternative for yeast infection treatment during pregnancy.
  • DECREASES FUNGUS: The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections oil blend was formulated with rich organic oils which are known for their antifungal properties. Cinnamon and cloves destroy the fungus in the body caused by a condition known as Candida Albicans, which is known to be responsible for yeast infections. By eliminating the offending fungus, you will kill the yeast infection.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL DECREASING SERUM: The Goodbye Company Yeast Infection’s natural blend of Omega 9 essential oils is superior to yeast infection cream because this effective and safe proprietary blend of oils possesses antimicrobial properties. Omega 9 oils attack the organisms causing Candida Albicans, which is the root cause of yeast infections.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FROM NATURE’S BOUNTY: Carefully selected plant oils have been extracted from cinnamon and cloves because of their treatment properties related to yeast infections. For example, cinnamon oil fights candidal activity causing Candidiasis, which is a fungal infection. Cloves also fight candidal activity because the main ingredient in cloves is eugenol, which has powerful antifungal and antiseptic properties. The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections provides a solution to the painful,
  • OVER THE COUNTER YEAST INFECTION TREATMENT: Particularly for sufferers of chronic yeast infections, the goal is to prevent the overgrowth of the fungus to ensure no more yeast infections. The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections is an OTC yeast infection treatment that provides an easy and effective remedy. And, it is much less costly than medical visits and traditional yeast infection medications.
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25 reviews for The Goodbye Company Yeast Infections

  1. DP

    It seemed to help

    The sent was great but I think there are better things to do to fix issues than this. But it did seem to help but not like other ways to fix these issues.

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  2. Anonymous


    This product is a life saver!!! TMI TIME …. After trying other yeast infection medication and creams nothing was working. I was having a very bad episode of the itching and burning feeling with the i got a knock on the door and this product was handing to me RIGHT ON TIME!!! Never did i think it would work in seconds the relief was instant!!! Yeast infection gone in 24 hours using the tampon method!!! Great stuff

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  3. stacy murphy

    You have to read this review

    I take medicine that causes severe yeast infections especially in the creases of my legs and under my breasts. I have tried everything and will continue to try until I get something that works. Well THIS IS IT. The first time I put it on the severe pain felt better. It did not go away, but it went from a 20 to a 5. That is with just one use. You use this 3 to 4 times a day according to the bottle. By the 2 nd time I used it it helped more and so much so I forgot to use it for the 3rd time today.I hope it keeps getting better from here because I cannot come off my medicine that causes this due to a severe medical condition.I know not all things help all people, but for the cost it is certainly worth the try. I am so glad I tried it. Good luck

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  4. Irene

    Impressively effective

    July 2- I was very nervous about this product as it has mixed reviews. I have tried many vaginal oils, such as the Lady Suite Botanical Oil, and the Intimist Spray Oil, all would give me relief but did not cure the infection. I was still reliant on Boric Acid pills (love wellness the killer) and monistat. My yeast infections come from being on birth control and whenever I eat too much bread, as the pill makes it more likely to happen. Let me just say WOW this stuff works.Because of all the negative review I did do a patch test first on my inner thigh to see if I had a bad reaction. Waited an hour, no reaction so I thought I was good to go. I used the tampon method, soaking it fully with 1-2 dropper fulls and inserted it 2x a day for 3 hour time span as well as occasional topical application to the outside of the labia. I experienced no burning, no irritation but SWEET RELIEF. My yeast infection was gone. In. one. day. I will use this for maintenance moving forward. I will say there is a warming sensation, not burning, but just warm that goes away after 10 minutes. Its very moisturizing and I’d say actually gentle on the skin. Also the smell is amazing. Give it a shot if you’ve tried everything under the sun, just do a patch test if you are unsure how you will react.July 28-UPDATE: After almost a full month I can say after my initial application from my first review, my yeast infection has not returned. I am so happy to have something that truly works. I use it 1x a week topical application to the labia to keep things in check and it seems to work.

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  5. Charlene Bounds

    It works!!!!!

    First off, I’m like some of the other reviewers on here-I get a yeast infection, BV, or a UTI if I even just look at the sun the wrong way. It’s been like that since I was a kid (I’m 31 now), and I went to doctors non-stop as a kid and teen because no one could understand why. You eventually just learn to live with it and do the best you can to avoid it.I have used every form of Monistat and over the counter treatments for every single problem, especially yeast infections. Monistat and creams would give me a chemical burn and sometimes BV. Diflucan would work sometimes for yeast infections, and sometimes I would be taking multiple in a row when it’s supposed to be a one and done. If I took antibiotics for a UTI, I would get a yeast infection or BV, or both. If I took antibiotics for BV, I would get a yeast infection. It’s a nightmare of a circle.I ended up learning some at home treatments for BV and UTIs. For BV, boric acid would work, but I found it didn’t help my yeast infections.I just recently got a yeast infection just from hiking for a day, and Diflucan wouldn’t help. None of the other at home treatments worked, either.I ended up searching on Amazon and coming across this. I took a leap of faith and ordered it.I followed the recommended method of using a tampon. I tried to use the dropper to apply it to the tampon through the opening of the applicator, but that didn’t work out well because the tampon only soaks up so much of it because it’s oily. I take the tampon out of the applicator and cover it with a dropper full, and I insert it with just my finger. It’s not as bad as I thought since the product is oily and acts kind of like a lube. I also rub some on the outside since I jad irritation/itching there. Maybe TMI, but I wanted to put that out there for anyone reading reviews.As first, there is a warming feeling, but it doesn’t burn. Reminds me of that warming lube. There was almost an immediate relief of the itching.24 hours and only 2 tampons ( 1 overnight, and the other 3 hours the following morning), and I felt yeast infection free. I only kept going for another 3 tampons (1 overnight and 2 the following day) to make absolutely sure it was gone.It does smell like cloves, which is kind of a weird scent for down there, but it’s better than some of the other ways it could smell lolThis stuff is a miracle. This is the fastest and most comfortable yeast infection treatment I have ever used. I hope it works like this every time because I really need something dependable. If it doesn’t work every time, I will update my review. I will also update my review after I see if it works for BV or not, because I’ll eventually deal with that again. I also read a review where someone used it for a skin yeast infection under the breasts, which I get because I’m large chested and workout a lot. I’ll try it on that and update my review.For the price, you can’t argue with buying this stuff. I’m baffled that it was such a no hassle treatment.

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  6. Debvanisha

    Felt relieved as soon as I applied it!

    I have lupus and I get yeast infections often. However I would get the creams feom my provided and the BV would come back with ravage. The last meds that was given made the infections even worse. But as soon aa I applied the 10 drop on the outer part which was the worsted part for me it felt great. I also inserted a tampon with 5 or 8 drops not sure. I know I was just frustrated with the itching. Felt like fire ants whete let to run free in my VV. Will be back to do a follow up. But as of right now great. I feel some pulsation and I assuming that oil is treating the infected areas.2nd review…After the second day symptoms return. I was really said becauae I thought it was working. Well is calm the area but did not heal anything. I purchase some yarrow mix it with coconut oil and applied that directly to the infected area and the symptoms are 80 percent gone. Yarrow has quick healing time. Promotes growth of new tissue. It is a antisptic and antifungal. It fights the infection and relieves pain. Improves the tone of the mucus membranes of both the vagina and uterus.

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  7. Linda Kaye



  8. E M

    It stings a little

    Easy to apply exteriorly. It does however sting and burn a bit. Stopped using it because of the burning.

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  9. Elise Morehouse

    Fantastic Product!!!

    I suffer from chronic yeast infections. When the wind blows I get one, my husband looks at me I get one, I sneeze, I get one!! I was to the point where I was reduced to using unscented baby soap to wash with because everything way throwing me out of balance. I’ve tried everything else, this was a last resort try and simply due to the great reviews I thought I’d give it a try. It worked!! I got instant relief from the external itching, burning and pain upon application and used the tampon method for forty eight hours. I ended up using the method for two forty eight hour periods due to the infection being so severe. I’d been fighting it for several weeks. I’ve bought another bottle and keep it with me for an as needed basis as I work out five days a week. I highly recommend.

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  10. Mgreen

    Magic in a Little Bottle!!!

    Best Treatment for Yeast!!Will make sure to purchase a few Bottles of it, as is a very small bottle, but gets the Job done !!Thank you for this Miraculous Cure!!!

  11. Nikki

    Great… but be cautious

    I have had a pretty bad yeast infection that has been going on and off for about a year! I don’t know what hormone imbalance set it off- to this day, I still blame the birth control I was on but of course my OBGYN disagrees.Anyways, I went to my OBGYN for a check up and at that point my Vaginitis was at its worse! My OBGYN just prescribed me on pill to take on the spot and use MONISTAT. I told her, I already took AZO pills and Vagisil cream for months, and the cream would only sooth some itching for the night and the morning would be inflamed and the AZO pills did nothing but made my discharge WORSE!! Also, I was so inflamed, I scratch so bad it made a mark. She still stuck with using Monistat cream and no other prescription. Sorry for the details y’all but I wanted to say my past, so you guys will know how much of a miracle this has been for me!Anyways, I decided to go against her diagnoses, and went on here and saw this product. Once I put it on, INSTANT relief for HOURS! My discharge is ALMOST back to normal, about 90%! However, this back to normal was not over night, I am about on my 3rd week with this product and I had a regimen about 3x a week I put on about 5-7 drops. My scratch marks have gone and my skin looks normal! I find myself using less, because of the INSTANT relief! Yet, people- my lovely people, this is not a cure! If you get this product you will feel like it’s not working the first 2 weeks, because discharge/ itch is still the same, but make a wise medical decision for yourself! However, I read a couple comments of people putting it on the outside of a tampon, and I couldn’t find myself to do that. So long story short… Great, but don’t expect a miracle in a bottle that will resolve/ cure it in a day

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  12. Finessea

    Yeast Cure

    This product is the truth! I used it a while back and follow the tampon instructions and it worked great. I recently had a yeast infection and I forgot all about this and I was using monostat. Listen to me this is way better, I did things a bit different this time, instead of using the tampon, I used the monostat plastic stick and put about 2-3 drops and insert it directly inside. Once a day for two days. my yeast was gone! No discomfort. I love this definitely a staple

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  13. B. M. Server

    Tears of Joy because THIS WORKS!

    I have been dealing with chronic yeast infections for a few years now. I’ve seen doctors, tried various treatments available from probiotics to over the counter and prescription drugs.If anything these treatments sometimes exasperated the issue. I went from 1 per month to 2 per month during ovulation and menstruation. Some work, but temporarily. Symptoms would continue and I ended up developing a reaction to some of the products..It has been HELL.I read some of the reviews for this and cried because there were so many who were dealing with similar issues and like me, had tried EVERYTHING.So I purchased, with hopes of at least minimizing the effects.THIS COMPLETELY KNOCKED OUT INFECTION IN ONE DAY!No lingering symptoms, no Reemergence, no irritation, no obnoxious smelling creams, or burning.I applied using tampon method as someone had recommended starting my last day of period (which is when I normally start having symptoms) and applied for 4 days. By the 2nd day there was NO signs of yeast at all.As soon as I started ovulating (again, I know bc I start having symptoms) started applying it again for 3 days. The infection never set in.By my following menstruation, there were no symptoms AT ALL! I applied at end of cycle just in case for 2 days and I have been. symptom and yeast infection FREE for 2mnth in a row!For the 1st time in over 7yrs I have been yeast free for 3 entire months.Do not hesitate to try, JUST BUY!

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  14. Melissa Willette

    Little bottle of relief

    I had a severe yeast infection that typical remedies did not touch. I was skeptical about this product but I was desperate for relief. It took a little longer for me but after about 4 days the infection was gone! I will never use another product. It was easy to apply and didn’t burn like other remedies. I had no negative side effects.

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  15. Kindred Demon

    Impressively Fast Acting

    Alright. I was extremely skeptical on using a non-OTC product but I’d seen so many reviews elsewhere of products that burned or made their infections worse.So I came across this. The whole putting on a tampon thing sounded like a terrible idea. I’m already in a lot of discomfort down there, the last thing I want to do is shove some cotton up there to make it worse. But let me tell you about some seriously immediate itching relief. The very warm sensation of the cinnamon and clove oil immediately overpowered the fervent need to rub the discomfort away. Now I’m about to be on application number three and 85% of my symptoms are already gone. I’m going to keep using it til the infection is entirely cleared, but I never expected to feel this great already in just 12 hours.The applicator is easy to use, the smell is absolutely divine (cinnamon and cloves, your lady zone will smell like mulled apple cider), and the liquid is dense enough that it doesn’t just spill everywhere. You can apply it to the outside and massage it on, or drip some on a small tampon and go right to the source. I’m personally rotating between the two methods.While mine isn’t fully cleared up yet…I’ve only used it twice so far in the span of 12 hours of having it and I’m already impressed. Injectable creams fall out during the night and stain everything if they don’t leave you crying in pain first. This? The is like a soothing oil directly to the area.Do yourself a favor and keep a bottle around for whenever symptoms start to show that way you can nip it in the bud immediately.Update to this: It took care of my infection with ease and no pain or mess from OTC stuff. I’m going to keep this constantly stocked in my house

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  16. Coda

    Everyone should try it

    After I had my daughter 4 years ago, I have suffered from chronic yeast infections. I mean awful awful yeast infections. To the point of swelling. I have seen multiple gynecologists, been referred over and over. It had gotten to a point where I would just cry. I wanted to give up. And no one could give me an answer. I tried boric acid suppositories, Monistat, apple cider vinegar and baking soda baths. Nothing was working. My Mom told me about this product. And the first time I thought, “it won’t work, there’s no use.”. But the second time she suggested it, I ended up getting on here and buying it. One morning before work, I almost wanted to call out. But I decided to try this stuff. After ten minutes there was relief. And by the time my shift was over, I felt better. The day after my yeast infection was gone. Anytime I feel like I’m getting one, it stops it in its tracks. Buy this product because it worked for me and it may work for you too! I can’t go without it now and I’m so thankful for it!

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  17. Bri

    Masks, but doesn’t treat

    This product was great at stopping the itching and burning, and it smelled really good! But it only covered it up, it did not treat my YI at all, just temporarily relieved the symptoms. The swelling, redness, and discharge all stayed the same. It may be good as just a preventative oil to use once and a while but it definitely won’t help to actually get rid of a YI. The oil is thick but not sticky, and easy to apply. I had no bad reaction to this item like worsening burning or itching; my advice is if you’re worried, rub some on your inner thigh first and wait a couple hours to see if you have any type of reaction; that’s what I did and I had no problems. Also, unlike many other reviews, this item was packaged extremely carefully, no leakage or anything. Not good for it’s intended use, but as a preventative or for symptom relief, sure!

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  18. Juju

    Great for people senstive to creams and suppositories.

    I had just finished a pretty hefty antibiotic and of course got an infection. I used a three day cream and it did most of the work but really didn’t finish the job. I didn’t want to have to use the creams again because they can be so uncomfortable. I did one treat me of boric acid to help even out the PH, and I used a few drops of the oil externally over the course of 2 days. It worked REALLY well. If (hopefully not anytime soon) I get another infection I’ll probably strictly be using this, if not pair it with the boric acid again.Highly recommend.

  19. Brittany Kennedy


    This stuff works so good I have never felt so much relief ‼️

  20. Minarin

    pretty good

    Edit: I had another yeast infection and this time I tried the tampon method for almost a week but it wasn’t enough, and I had to break down and get something else. I still think this product is helpful, just not for a bad infection.I was hesitant to use this since other natural or organic products have caused bad allergic reactions for me (very sensitive skin). I’ve tried a few others and they’ve actually made things worse. Finally, after leaving it sitting in my cupboard a couple months, I decided to give this a shot because I really didn’t want to take even more drugs to combate a chronic yeast infection I’ve been struggling with the past year. At first I tried it on my arm to make sure I had no allergic reaction, then I used just externally for a day. It burns a little upon application but then that goes away and the irritation also goes away! I finally tried the tampon method, it did not burn and actually worked. I was sure I was going to need another round of monistat or fluconazole but I did not! After two days using a tampon with this, my infection was completely gone. I rarely leave reviews but I thought this deserved it. Really has helped.

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  21. Gabi

    It’s working- UPDATE IT WORKS

    WOW.I just want to start off by saying I’ve had a recurring infection for 5 months now. I’ve taken 8 rounds of Fluconazole (which honestly must be terrible for my body but gyno told me to). I’ve done boric acid, I’ve tried AZO. I did everything to try and relieve this. I was frustrated, sick and tired of putting all these drugs in my body when none of it was helping me. I have very sensitive skin so all of the reviews saying it burns made me very skeptical of this product. Yesterday I did the tampon method 3 times. At first I did just two drops cause I was scared I would get a bad reaction, but after realizing it was ok by the third tampon I did a full dropper as the instructions recommend. At night, I slept with no treatment and I still had a little bit of itch but I woke up in the morning with it GONE. As of now my symptoms are 90% gone, I’m gonna do this for 2 more days since my infection was so bad and I’ll come back with an update on if this really works or if it just relieves symptoms.UPDATE:Because my infection was severe, i used the tampon method with a full dropper 2-3 a day for about 5 days. Symptoms were completely gone. I went to the gyno and did a test and there was NO INFECTION. This seriously works, even my gyno was skeptical when I told her about it but its the only thing that works for me. I guess you have to be consistent. I’m forever grateful for this product and will always use this before putting antibiotics/drugs on my body.

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  22. melinda drummond

    This Is the real deal!

    I have diabetes and my sugar is not exactly controlled. I ordered this praying it was an answer to my constant yeast issue. I take the meds oral from the doctor each month at high milligrams. Within two weeks I need a refill. One treatment with this great product and I was free of the itch and rash. ONE TREATMENT. I immediately bought a second bottle. No burning at all. Doctors should skip the meds and just offer a bottle to everyone.

  23. Laritza Verdecia

    Esto es algo maravilloso,para mi tomar mi vida de vuelta

    Quiero contar mi experiencia, yo alcance un punto de desesperación pues no podia dormir la picazon que tenia en mis partes era espantosa,trate varios tratamientos medicos con mi genicologo y nada funcionaba, trate el acido borico en supositorios y nada,hasta que bendito entre a comprar una crema natural aqui y me lo sugerio en mis busqueda de cremas y me dije bueno echo en USA y natural lo tratare,y que sorpresa me lleve,el es para tratar la infeccion de hongo pero yo me lo puse por fuera y el alivio fue instantáneo Dios por fin logre dormir y ya hace mas de un mes y el cambio es de 100 por ciento,hasta me decian que podia tener dermatitis ,la verdad seguiré comprando este producto de por vida ,es natural ,refrescante,y tiene un olor agradable,suave y como les dije mi picazon era cronica que me quedaba sangrando,cuanto dinero gaste en exámenes,cremas,y doctores!!!pero no mas ahora duermo tranquila y mi vida la tengo de vuelta, pues estaba depresiva por la falta de sueno y el desespero cada dia, asi que recomiendo este producto totalmente.Mil Gracias!!

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  24. jackie


    I could cry writing this. I struggle with chronic yeast infections. In my actual v@gina and on my labia. I use to use honey pot but with the ingredient changes it doesn’t work. I’ve probably struggled with this one for 4 months straight. Medicine doesn’t work from the doctor and over the counter. I’ve been using this for 3 days and I could cry cause I finally have been free from an infection.The smell isn’t my favorite but I use it at night. I also used it as lube during intercourse. The relief I feel finally makes me want to cry. If you struggle with chronic infections this is the product for you!

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  25. cloe webson

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