A fibroadenoma is a non-cancerous growth in the breast typically manifested as a single hard, solid lump that moves throughout the breast tissue. Since it's moving, it is also referred to as a BREAST MOUSE. Laughter- Well, it's not amusing because I know how bad it is. A month ago, I suffered from this painless-to-painful journey that started as a small benign tumor in my breast, and that gave me no aches and no stress. Later, it developed into a massive ball with a hard, rubbery, or marble-like consistency, pressing on my breast tissues and becoming painful. 

Since I am afraid of cuts and blood and post-operative complications, I decided to go for non-invasive, complementary therapies, such as Abhyanga (oil massage)- a form of Ayurvedic therapy. I opted for The Goodbye Company castor oil for added benefits. After two or more applications, I felt the procedure was messy. Also, I wanted a go-to solution I could use while doing my job. So, I decided to go for castor oil packs for my fibroadenoma.

I did extensive research on its use since many questions were popping into my mind, viz ‘How long does it take for castor oil packs to shrink fibroadenoma?’ ‘How to apply castor oil packs on my breasts?’ Below, I have summarized what I learned about castor oil packs for fibroadenoma. Scroll down this blog if you wish to learn how to cure such benign breast tumors with no surgery and no medicines.

What is Fibroadenoma?

A fibroadenoma is a benign (non-cancerous), non-fluid-filled, solid, hard lump in the breast/s. It is typically a solitary yet mobile lump that varies in size independently. A fibroadenoma is usually painless and non-tender but proliferates rapidly, which can aggravate the symptoms.

In spite of the fact that there is no definitive or endorsed ground for fibroadenoma, some research suggests female reproductive hormonal surge as the primary root cause. Since breast tissue comprises several estrogen and progesterone receptors, the epithelial and stromal breast tissues are sensitive to these hormones. So, it makes logical sense that hormones play a crucial role in the development and growth of fibroadenoma.

The condition develops in people of around 14 to 35 years, particularly aggravated in pregnancy due to increased hormonal levels. Nevertheless, a fibroadenoma shrinks with increasing age and is not likely to occur after menopause. Mammograms and ultrasounds are the two major diagnostic tests to evaluate such hard lumps in the breast.

In most cases, fibroadenomas develop and disappear on their own and do not require any treatments. However, if a fibroadenoma grows abnormally in size, compressing other breast tissues, removing or shrinking them is advisable. Treatment options available are lumpectomy or excisional biopsy and cryoablation. But usually, people go against the incisional procedures to heal their breast fibroadenomas or cysts.

So here we are, focussing on non-surgical, non-medicinal cures or interventions you can adopt at home- primarily highlighting the use of castor oil packs to shrink fibroadenoma.

How to Cure Fibroadenomas at Home?

Here are some strategies to shrink your fibroadenoma at home. These are safe, inexpensive, non-invasive, and readily available options. Amongst these, dietary changes and exercise are something that you do every day, but to cure such a benign tumor, you only need to pay a little more attention.

Breasts Massage

Breast massage with oil is an excellent, stress-free remedy to shrink fibroadenoma. And for this very purpose, castor oil is a great savior. However, using this thick and sticky oil can potentially stain your clothes and bedding, so it's not a good idea to use it on the body. Also, the application can be too messy. So, I found a better way to use castor oil- castor oil packs/pads for breasts.

What Are Castor Oil Breast Packs?

A castor oil pack for breasts is a cup-shaped fabric folded into multiple layers to soak the oil efficiently. The fabric is skin-friendly, smooth, and soft, so there will be no rash on your delicate breast skin and nipples. Typically used fabrics are cotton or wool flannel. These packs are readily available in online stores or local markets in varying cup sizes viz A/B/C/D/E/F. You can quickly and safely apply them to your breasts by adjusting the accurate angle. To see how castor oil packs shrink fibroadenoma, read the next section.

What Castor Oil Does for Breasts?

Castor oil and Castor oil packs do wonders for your breasts in shrinking fibroadenoma, prompting smooth lymph flow and blood circulation, thus providing each breast cell with adequate nutrition and oxygen, maintaining its integrity and proper functioning. But how do castor oil packs shrink fibroadenoma?

The answer is castor oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It helps reduce inflammation of the breast tissue caused by compression due to fibroadenoma. Castor oil is also renowned for prompting blood and lymphatic circulation. Since lymph congestion can contribute to the development of fibroadenoma, using castor oil to accelerate the smooth flow of lymph works to reduce the size of such benign tumors. 

Enhanced lymphatic flow aids in circulating more immune cells to the affected site, thereby boosting immune attack and fighting against infections and tumors. The oil also helps promote blood circulation to the breasts, nourishing each cell with several nutrients and oxygen. This helps each cell revamp its integrity and proper functioning.

So, now that you know the function of castor oil packs for fibroadenoma, learn how to use them to shrink your breast lumps.

How Do You Use Castor Oil Packs for Breast Lumps?

If you use ready-made castor oil packs, buy them accurately according to your cup size. Open and soak them with The Goodbye Company cold-pressed castor oil. Then, apply them at an accurate angle to your breast. Apply warmth using a warm compress and leave it for 30-60 minutes. To make a castor oil pack home, gather the following supplies and follow the instructions below.


Supplies You’ll Need:

  • High-quality castor oil

  • Cotton or wool flannel

  • Plastic wrap or cling film

  • A heating pad or warm compress

  • Old towel or shirt

Steps to Follow:

  • Cut the flannel fabric into several circular shapes to put them on each other to get a thick pack.

  • Secure the edges of the pack so you bind all the layers together. Skip a small section of the circumference to pour castor oil into the inner layer. 

  • Wear an old T-shirt or a bathrobe. Also, spread an old towel where you lie to avoid castor oil stains on your bedding.

  • Apply the pack to your breast and wrap it with a cling film wrap.

  • Then, apply a heating pad over your pack to help the warmth penetrate castor oil into the deep tissues of the breast.

  • Leave it for about 30-60 minutes. Then, remove and store the packs in a refrigerator in an air-tight jar. Do it every day for five days, then skip two days for rest and repeat the cycle.

Here’s the link to Dr. Melissa Gallager's tutorial explaining the incredible results of castor oil packs for fibroadenomas.

How Long Does It Take for Castor Oil Packs to Shrink Fibroadenoma?

There's limited clinical data to claim the effectiveness of castor oil packs in shrinking fibroadenoma. Also, the response of this complementary therapy in each individual varies widely yet independently. In some individuals, the fibroadenomas reduce in size after several castor oil packs and warm compress applications. Nevertheless, in some patients, the response is quite gradual or unnoticeable. You can consult your OB/GYN before starting this therapy, as it is essential to know any kind of interactions or adverse reactions that may occur.

Well, according to the recommendations of several renowned naturopaths, you can apply castor oil packs or pads for about 30-60 minutes on your breasts to shrink fibroadenoma. Generally, a safe duration is to apply a castor oil pack for 30 minutes for five days, then skip it for the next two days and repeat the cycle. Though the better, the longer, 30 minutes is a safe and a good start for a therapy that's new to your body. Adjust the warmth of a heating pad or warm compress to accelerate the penetration and working of castor oil.

Hormonal Balance

Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep can help you balance your hormones. Your healthy diet must comprise adequate proportions of carbs, good fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. For this, you must include fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, white meat, nuts, and seeds. Also, regular exercise for at least 150 minutes and sound sleep every night for about 6-8 hours is crucial to stay healthy and lively.

Managing stress can also aid in balancing hormones, and for this purpose, again, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise are crucial. You can also try meditation yoga or limit exposure to harmful chemicals and microplastics by ingesting canned/packaged foods or applying antiperspirants.

Stress Management

As explained earlier, stress management is crucial to balance female reproductive hormones. But why? How stress can alter normal hormonal levels? The short answer to this query is that our body releases “cortisol,” commonly known as the stress hormone when we are in a state of trauma, fear, or worry.

Cortisol can potentially alter various physiological procedures and the release of other hormones. Just as cortisol can make a person insulin-resistant, it can disrupt the normal feedback mechanism of the female reproductive hormones. So chronic stress can cause a harmful disbalance of hormones that may lead to discomforting conditions like hair on the face, obesity, irregular menstrual cycle, cysts, endometriosis, and fibroadenomas. 

To help your body remain in a state of calmness, try yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or deep breathing. Also, take an adequate diet, including stress-reducing edibles such as dark chocolate, oranges, avocado, blueberries, salmon, chamomile, oatmeal, and nuts. Moreover, make sure that you get enough sleep and reduce your screen time before bed.

Dietary Supplements

Our body cannot heal properly without adequate nutrition. We all take our daily meals from which we usually get a lot of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, but sometimes we forget the required levels of vitamins and minerals our body needs. All water-soluble and two fat-soluble vitamins, A and K, act as cofactors or coenzymes crucial for several biochemical reactions in the body.

Similarly, minerals are the cofactors for our body's enzymes to work effectively. Cellular metabolism decides the fate and state of immune cells. So, if adequate nutrition exists, there will be more efficient metabolism and availability of more actively functioning immune cells to fight infections, tumors, and adenomas.


How long do you leave castor oil on your breast?

You can massage castor oil on your breast for about 15 minutes daily. Nevertheless, if you opt for castor oil packs, wearing them for about 30 minutes every other day with a heating pad can do wonders.

What clothing changes can you make to avoid aggravating your fibroadenoma?

Since a massive fibroadenoma can press on your breast tissues, making it discomforting, always opt for a well-fitted yet relaxing bra. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too loose. Also, avoid using antiperspirants so they contain harmful chemicals and may aggravate the condition.

What is the best castor oil for breast cysts?

The Goodbye Company extra virgin cold-pressed unrefined castor oil, which is 100% pure, organic, and USDA-certified, is the best oil to shrink your fibroadenoma. It is pesticide, GMO, BPA, and paraben-free, which means it is safe and non-toxic.

How do you use castor oil breast pads?

Castor oil pads are frequently available on Amazon in various cup sizes viz A/B/C/D/E/F, made of skin-friendly soft and smooth fabric. Buy a good-quality pad and add castor oil to the inner layer of the pad. Apply it to your breast at a comfortable angle and leave for about 30-60 minutes to help shrink your fibroadenoma. It's a great go-to solution for working women. Also, you can wear them to yoga, while cooking, or sleeping.

Do fibroadenomas grow and shrink?

Mostly, fibroadenomas suddenly develop and stay the same size. Sometimes, they shrink independently and disappear after a while, whereas a few continue to grow and become discomforting. All these events occur independently. Nevertheless, the age of a woman is the most critical factor in fibroadenoma development. Since hormonal emergence is expected during pregnancy, in adolescence, and before menopause, women of such age are more likely to develop fibroadenomas.


Castor oil packs do wonders to reduce the size of fibroadenomas, a common condition characterized by a single hard lump in the breast. It can form in any or both breasts, and the lump is benign, i.e., non-cancerous, which can move throughout the breast; that’s why it is called the breast mouse. Besides medication and surgical procedures (only prioritized when no home remedy works), castor oil packs are a great option to heal fibroadenomas non-invasively and safely. Apply these packs regularly (30-60 minutes every five days a week) on your affected breast and see the magical results in a few weeks.

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