Bell’s palsy is a serious condition that manifests itself with the paralysis or temporary weakness of the muscles of one side of the face causing stiffness or drooping. Symptoms may go off after weeks or months but the duration may become painful with difficulty smiling or closing an eye on the affected side with inflammation, swelling, or compression. Muscle twitches, facial weakness, dry mouth, drooling, headaches, and inability to make normal facial expressions as frowning or smiling make the patient irritable and uneasy. Typical signs and symptoms of Bell\’s palsy may range from disabilities on one side of the face to both sides of the face.

Importance Of Essential Oils For Bell’s Palsy:

Along with physical therapy, regular corticosteroids, and other medications, massage with essential oils is a highly beneficial aspect that contributes towards a quick relief and fast recovery from the symptomatology of Bell’s palsy. The natural ingredients present in these oils extracted from the herbal plants make their use the most convenient and popular method to get rid of muscular weakness and twitching. Here are five of the best essential oils used for Bell’s palsy:

Sunflower Seed Essential Oils For Bell’s Palsy:

The components of blood and all the layers of skin along with natural components play a great role to maintain the natural moisturizing in the skin as well as healthy impressions. Helianthus anus oil is another name of sunflower seed oil that has many natural ingredients mixed in a quantity sufficient enough to provide synergistic effects on the skin.

The oil has been prepared by mixing several herbal oils as Oryza sativa bran oil, Vitis vinifera or grapeseed oil, citrus lemon peel oil, limonene eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, citrus grandis or grapefruit peel oil, citral, linalool, hydrolyzed collagen, water, malus Domestica fruit cell culture extract, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, glycerin, lecithin, etc., all of which are mixed in such a way to compose a highly beneficial product for skin.

The sunflower seed oil helps to moisturize and tighten the skin muscles that may have lost the impact due to Bell’s palsy effects. Collagen and elastin are two essential fibers of the skin which are destroyed during any facial muscle injury and with age. The sunflower seed oil infused with collagen and stem cells helps to restore the beautiful skin tone and removes cellulite with its cellulite action.

Regenerating and moisturizing effects are provided by the ingredients which tone your skin with fatty acids, anti-inflammatory mediators, and rich antioxidants. The massage oil helps to reincarnate the normal and healthy cells in the inflamed parts. The product is highly appreciable for its deepening effects on dead cells and cellulite and helps to restore the normal healthy cells. Some people do complain about its fragrance being like citrus and less than the claimed amount of product in the bottle.

The Lavender Essential Oil In Combination With Bell\’S Palsy:

Amber brown bottles with a dropper filled up with therapeutic oils being handpicked from varsities of the world like Brazil, Australia, and France are the best product of Pure Aroma. The set of six therapeutic essential oils that are incredibly effective for their therapeutic action include lemongrass essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil.

The product is pure hundred percent with no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, or carriers added and is professionally recommended by physiotherapists to be used for skin freshness and moisturizing in deteriorating conditions as Bell\’s palsy.

All the essential oils included in the wrap are beneficial for disrupted skin by muscle weakness or other physical or mental trauma effects. The tea tree essential oil caries sarcastically warm and spicy aroma to relieve the stress and to provide mental strength and calmness needed to fight against such health conditions. The lavender oil may help to ease nervous tension with its charming aroma.

The eucalyptus oil relieves sadness and stress creating optimism and concentration that is your first weapon against the attack of disease providing you the strength and willpower to fight back. The lemongrass oil provides a great sleeping aid with its soothing and comforting scent to make your mind stress-free of the aftershocks of facial paralysis and unresponsive facial expressions.

The sweet orange oil is a unique essential oil with a pure peel of orange used to relieve depression, anger, and frustration related to the after-effects of Bell\’s palsy. Peppermint oil is the oil associated with sinus care by relaxing nasal passage muscles and reduces hunger cravings acting as a natural energizer.

Helichrysum And Synergized Essential Oils For Bell’s Palsy:

A great combination critically reviewed and approved by a large number of consumers is the mixture of essential oils including a variety of oil products providing synergistic effects to combat the effects of Bell\’s palsy. The essential oils include lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, peppermint essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, turmeric essential oil, and rosemary essential oil blended in a base of two wildcrafted oils namely fractionated coconut oil and organic sweet almond oil.

Pure, certified, and GC/MS approved organically grown essential oils are prepared by using organic ingredients with the privilege of being handmade products done by Nashville, Tennessee. The product is non-toxic and is prepared specifically to target the root cause of inflammation, irritation, and weakness. The botanicals used in these oils are all free of any allergens, synthetics, parabens, or sulfates imparting them maximum purity.

The oil formulation used in the form of reviving stick helps to increase the circulation of blood in the affected area, helps to manage discomforts and swelling caused by Bell\’s palsy, it stimulates and activates muscle health and facial nerve for all those suffering from symptoms of Bell\’s palsy. The powerful anti-inflammation action is provided by the presence of turmeric and frankincense essential oils. The discomfort of facial muscles is interrogated by peppermint and lavender essential oils. Helichrysum is responsible to stimulate healthy nerve responses and immune support. Muscle soothing and facial circulation are being encouraged by the presence of rosemary oil. Skin health is promoted by the rich content of fatty acids and vitamins.

The revive stick of essential oils is much better to support and stimulate facial muscle and nerve health. It is a healthy product to promote healthy circulation and to ease discomfort and calm inflammation. The pleasing and refreshing scent of peppermint and lavender imparts a great acceptance of the product for Bell’s palsy to provide a refreshing touch. It is considered a natural and effective alternative to creams and ointments for treating Bell’s palsy. It must be applied gently along the jawline behind the ear along the sides of the neck at least three times a day. To increase the circulation to the maximum and to calm the discomfort, a warm cloth must be used to apply moist heat after applying the oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil For Bell’s Palsy:

A great formula of essential oil for Bell\’s palsy is the Frankincense essential oil of premium quality that is hundred percent natural and steam-distilled to capture the pure ingredients in raw form. The oil has a great therapeutic grade with no additives, artificial preservatives, or fillers. The essential oil has a therapeutic grade used topically. Mostly carrier oil as fractionated coconut oil is used to dilute the oil for maximum effect of topical application in Bell’s palsy.

A small amount of frankincense pure oil may be applied and rubbed. It may be applied initially on the inside of the elbow area to test and determine if any allergic reaction may appear. It must be avoided from entry into the eyes. The majestic pure oil is easily blendable with other essential oils as lemon oil, orange oil, lavender oil, and lime oil. It is proved to be a great pain-reliever with its anti-inflammatory and ease to be blended with other natural oils.

The Goodbye Company Essential Oil For Bell’s Palsy:

One of the most ideal and best essential oil for Bell’s palsy is The Goodbye Company Bell’s palsy that is a mixture of certain natural oils. A proprietary blend of rosemary, frankincense, clove, and omega oils of fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-9. The rich organic oils help to restore the normal circulation of blood in the affected area. The healing time and recovery time are increased in the Bell\’s palsy patients with the help of rosemary and clove since these two natural herbs increase the circulation of blood towards the heart, thus reduce the pain associated with Bell’s palsy.

The properly blended oil deeply penetrates the skin and helps to reduce the release of the inflammatory prostaglandins thereby reducing the inflammation and redness. The oils extracted from the rosemary, clove, and frankincense stimulate the body\’s immune system to protect against the after-effects of Bell\’s palsy and stimulates recovery of the body speedily. Facial paralysis is decreased slowly to a greater extent by the use of The Goodbye Company Bell’s palsy essential oil due to the presence of frankincense oil that has natural anti-inflammatory action. The debilitating condition due to paralysis may be effectively healed with the help of rosemary oil present in the product that increases circulation and relieves the pain to a greater extent.

The improved circulation may also be attributed to the presence of clove oil that has natural ingredients to repair the damage caused by Bell\’s palsy by enhancing the circulation thereby increasing the fresh food and oxygen for the dead cells. Omega-3 oil is a known oil to increase the blood flow towards muscles and may enhance the elasticity in blood vessels thereby boosting the natural elastic trend of muscles to counter the drooling effects of Bell\’s palsy. Omega-9 helps to restore the balance of normal cells functions and circulation. The oil penetrates deeply in the facial nerve and lymphatic system and causes stimulation of the immune system of the body to attack the disease symptoms.

All the oils mixed in The Goodbye Company Bell\’s palsy are natural herbs containing certain ingredients in a specific amount to be blended all together to provide a synergistic effect against symptoms of Bell\’s palsy. Rosemary oil may have certain ingredients in it as rosmarinic acid, camphor, caffeic acid, betulinic acid, carnosol, or ursolic acid, etc. Clove oil may contain beta-caryophyllene, thymol, eugenyl acetate, and eugenol. Frankincense oil may have gum Arabica, Boswellia sacra, incensole acetate, and phellandrene.

The oil has proven to give movement to even frozen eyes that have been deteriorated as a result of Bell’s palsy. The pure blend of oil may be used twice a day with clean hands to be rubbed gently against the affected facial area providing warmth and freshness. Some people may have skin that may be allergic to certain ingredients of any of the above-mentioned herbs as eugenol etc. In case of such an allergic reaction or unresponsiveness, sometimes people do get relief from the symptoms of Bell\’s palsy but overall it is a highly efficient product to lessen the embarrassment of facial paralysis and to improve the circulation to combat the effects of facial paralysis.

Unable to smile or difficulty to close one of your eyes become quite embarrassing in any situation whether alone or in people. All the medications and physiotherapy expertise are applied to combat the harmful effects of Bell\’s palsy facial paralysis to bring the life of a patient towards normal. But the use of natural essential oils has been attributed successively to a larger extent to provide natural immunity as well as willpower to fight against the aftershocks of Bell’s palsy. The symptoms of drooping or stiffness are greatly reduced with the use of these oils which help you to extend or relax your muscles and decrease debility. All the dominating symptoms of Bell’s palsy as drooling, difficulty eating and drinking, an inability to make facial expressions as smiling or frowning, muscle twitches in the face, dry eye and mouth, sensitivity to sound, headache, irritation of the eye on the involved side or both eyes, etc., all are greatly relieved with natural essential oils.

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