You are likely already familiar with this nature’s elixir- the “CASTOR OIL,”  renowned for its multifaceted applications in numerous enterprises. From ancient times to this modern world, castor oil has retained a prominent place in medicine, cosmetics, and textile industries, whereby it is praised for its remarkable advantages and exceptional properties. Today castor oil has many variants owing to the distinct manufacturing procedures such as extraction, roasting, refining, and clarification. Some of those processes are so intricate, time-consuming, and laborious. And it is the reason “why is some castor oil more expensive than others.”

Amidst these modified forms, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) stands out as the ultimate epitome of excellence- thanks to its unique processing and unrivaled benefits. However, this superiority comes at a handsome cost. But fret not; JBCO will justify every penny you spend with its countless benefits. So why not choose JBCO over regular castor oil? But wait, why do you need it? Do you know what is the best Jamaican black castor oil on the market? To discover why you are in dire need of JBCO and why it is more expensive than regular castor oil, see the following insightful description.

Castor Oil Varieties

Castor oil comes in wide varieties due to the distinct manufacturing processes and given temperature and pressure conditions. The classic variants include hydrogenated castor oil, cold-pressed castor oil, low-moisture castor, and Jamaican black oil. Amongst these, JBCO is the most revered form of castor oil, packed with exceptional benefits and potent properties. But how it’s produced, and why it’s expensive?

Unlike regular castor oil or the cold-pressed variety, obtained by pressing the raw castor beans at low temperatures, JBCO is prepared by roasting the beans at high temperatures. This toasting gives JBCO a darker color, potent properties, and an enhanced nutty flavor and texture. After that, the roasted beans are subjected to grinding, and the ground paste is boiled in water to extract the oil. The less-dense oil floats on top of the water. It is skimmed from there and then finally filtered or clarified.

JBCO Vs. Regular Castor Oil

Criteria JBCO Regular Castor Oil
Extraction JBCO is produced by roasting castor beans and then subjecting them to grinding. The ground paste is boiled with water to extract oil. It is then refined and clarified. Regular castor oil is fabricated by the cold press method. It involves mechanically pressing the raw castor beans at low temperatures to extract the oil.
Composition Roasting enriches the ricinoleic acid content of castor oil along with omega-9 fatty acids, linoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and other minerals and vitamins. Comparatively, lower concentration of ricinoleic acid. However, low-temperature extraction preserves most of the nutrients and volatile components.
Color and Scent The color of JBCO is dark brown to black due to higher ash content as a result of roasting castor beans. It has a strong nutty aroma. Regular castor oil is pale yellow to light gold with a mild distinctive scent.
Texture and Consistency JBCO is thick and viscous with a luxurious feel. It is light in consistency and thin; it’s easy to apply.
Alkalinity or pH Higher ash content (ash=alkaline) raises pH levels; it can be around 7-8. Regular castor oil is neutral to slightly acidic, with a pH range of 6-7.
Major Applications Hair growth, skin moisturizing, and nail growth. Cosmetics, Medicinal (as laxative and anti-inflammatory), and Industrial applications.

What Makes The Goodbye Company JBCO So Special?

So you are in dire need of a good quality JBCO, and you don’t know which one is the best? Trust me and try our top-quality Jamaican Black castor oil for hair growth; you won’t regret it. But what makes The Goodbye Company JBCO so special? Delve in to find out!

Source And Quality

The Goodbye Company Jamaican Black Castor Oil is conscientiously fabricated with premium-grade organic castor beans carefully cultivated and hand-picked from the finest castor gardens of Jamaica. Our people harvest them fresh and get them imported right into our production department so the quality of beans is maintained, ensuring you get the purest JBCO like no other. Feel stress-free because it’s GMO-free and hexane free.

Composition And Benefits

Our magic black castor oil, ethically sourced from Ricinus communis plants of Jamaica, comprises premium quality essentials such as 92+% ricinoleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid. It is also enriched with numerous valuable vitamins and minerals to help your hair strengthen, volumize, moisturize, and grow faster. The alkalinity of JBCO, i.e., 7.5+, which comes from the ash of roasting castor beans, ensures penetration into the deepest skin layers and, say what, magical results faster than you ever desired.

Moreover, not only good for the hair and eyelashes, our The Goodbye Company JBCO is best for your cracked, chapped, and dry skin. Its luxurious feel and emollient effect gently soothe irritation and alleviates skin problems like eczema. Not only this, our purest wild-crafted Jamaican black castor oil is a magic potion that nourishes your nails and makes them strong and long. So don’t worry; you’ll never have fragile nails and dry hair again.

Extraction Process And Yield

Unlike other manufacturers that use high temperatures and boiling methods to extract JBCO, which may degrade the oil, The Goodbye Company employs a low-temperature and carefully-controlled cold press technique to retain natural nutrients and all the goodness of JBCO fresh for you. This superior manufacturing method raises the pH of JBCO to the maximum, which guarantees increased absorption and penetration into the scalp.

Moreover, due to our intricate cold pressing extraction, which gives a low yield but quality, our JBCO is slightly more pricey than others. Nevertheless, the detailed processing added time and effort, and exceptional benefits surely justify every penny you spend.

Purity And Finesse

Our JBCO has NO MOLD, ADDITIVES, PESTICIDES, BPA, GMO, or HEXANE. In short, it’s the purest and finest Jamaican black castor oil you’ll ever find. Trust and try because it’s USDA organic and proudly manufactured in Marco Islands, Florida, USA.


So you are wondering why we pack our precious oil in delicate glass bottles rather than unbreakable plastic? Well, to inform you, plastic bottles are definitely deathly because they leach harmful chemicals into your serums and oils and, thus, into your skin and scalp. They can also affect your product’s organoleptic (taste, texture, aroma, color) properties. And it is why we use BPA-free glass bottles to package our premium grade Ricinus oil, making them look appealing and inviting. Moreover, we make our finest glass bottles amber-colored to protect this magic potion from direct sunlight and avoid degradation while in storage and use.

Certifications And Standards

Since our black Ricinus oil is USDA– certified organic and pure with no contaminants, fillers, or additives, it’s undoubtedly the best choice you’ll ever make. So try our intricately fabricated and critically inspected JBCO.

Why Do You Need The Goodbye Company JBCO?

Our The Goodbye Company JBCO for hair growth is all perfect for:

  • Volumizing hair
  • Fastening hair growth
  • Strengthening hair roots
  • Promoting eyebrow and eyelash growth
  • Treating dry scalp and dandruff
  • Receding hairline
  • Bald spots and hair fall

How To Use The Goodbye Company JBCO?

  • Take out your bottle of The Goodbye Company JBCO and pour about a tablespoon or a few drops; that ultimately depends on your need for hair.
  • Massage onto your scalp gently for about 5 minutes; if you’re using it for the first time or feel it’s thick,  dilute it with coconut oil.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair using a sulfate or paraben-free organic shampoo.
  • Then apply a silicon-free conditioner to your hair shafts and wash your hair with cold water to lock the cuticles.
  • Gently towel or air dry your hair for the best results.
  • Do not use hair dryers; avoid hair styling as much as possible so your hair can rejuvenate quickly.


Since JBCO is alkaline, it can open the cuticles of your hair shafts, leading to increased friction between hairs and more breakage. It is mainly a concern for people with curly and dry hair. Therefore, only apply JBCO to your scalp, not the entire hair length. Moreover, use cold water to lock the cuticles after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner for a softer feel.


Is Jamaican Castor Oil Or Regular Castor Oil Better For Hair Growth?

For hair growth, Jamaican black castor oil is better than regular oil due to the increased absorption into the scalp and faster results of the ricinoleic acids goodness.

Is Black Castor Oil Better Than Regular Castor Oil?

It depends on the intended use; if you want a magic potion for dull skin, hair, and nails, try JBCO. Otherwise, choose regular castor oil for a laxative, anti-inflammatory effect, or industrial purpose since it’s less expensive for abundant application.

What Is Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Good For?

Cold-pressed castor oil is rich in natural nutrients, most of which are antioxidants, so they are suitable for cosmetic purposes, like skin and hair care.

What Type Of Castor Oil Is Best For Hair Growth?

The Goodbye Company Jamaican black castor oil is best for hair growth. It works equally effectively for receding hair, bald spots, dandruff, and dry hair.

Why Is Castor Oil So Expensive?

Some castor oil variants, such as JBCO, are more expensive than regular castor oil due to intricate manufacturing, premium quality harvest, and purity grade.


Castor oil- the ancient magic potion for your body- has been studied for centuries, leading to various alterations and improvements in its composition, giving birth to several variants. Amongst these forms and derivatives, Jamaican Black castor oil is the most levered form pleasingly known for hair growth. So if you have problems like hair fall, breakage, dandruff, and frizziness, try JBCO for the best results. But I guarantee exceptional and faster results if you try The Goodbye Company Jamaican Balck Castor Oil, fabricated from carefully wild-crafted and ethically sourced beans from Jamaica- the land of premium-quality black castor beans. It’s pure, and it’s organic!

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