Longing for healthy locks? Try castor oil- one of the most touted yet reliable seed oils known to give you healthy, strong, and shiny hair. But what type of castor oil is good for your hair? It’s black Ricinus oil, more precisely, the Jamaican black castor oil, somewhat different from the regular pale yellow castor oil.

Black Castor oil, the magical hair potion, is naturally obtained from castor beans of the Ricinus communis plant. For its fabrication, the high-quality and carefully handpicked castor beans are first roasted at low temperatures to preserve their nourishment and are cold-pressed for maximum yield. This organic and nutrient-rich seed oil contains the goodness of ricinoleic acid, omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, and proteins. These essentials improve blood circulation on your scalp, making it healthy, nourished, and hydrated.

This way, black Ricinus oil works wonders for dry, frizzy, and rough hair. So why wait longer to try this nature’s wonder and get Rapunzel-like locks? But wait, do you know “how to apply castor oil to hair?”, “How long should I leave castor oil in my hair?” Explore the insightful description below for mastering castor oil application and leave-in timing.

We’ll be Focusing on the following:

  • How to apply castor oil to hair?
  • How long should I leave castor oil in my hair?
  • How long do you leave castor oil treatment in your hair?

Before You Apply, Know:

Castor oil works best on certain hair types, so knowing your hair type is essential before trying it out. Moreover, it is equally crucial to learn if you really need it. So scroll down to unleash your haircare secrets and acknowledge the best castor oil for your hair on the market.

● What’s Your Hair Type

Castor oil is unsuitable for oily hair or greasy scalp due to its viscous and heavy nature. Such a thick and sticky oil can increase the oily content in your hair follicles, resultantly clogging them up and retarding  hair growth. Therefore, if you have a greasy scalp, try using lighter oil such as argan or jojoba.

Well, if your scalp is of a combination type, i.e., moderately oily and dry. In that case, you can apply castor oil to your hair, occasionally mixed with lighter oils like coconut, jojoba, almond, argan, and mustard. However, if you have a dry scalp and rough hair, fret not because black castor oil is just made for you. Learn how to apply castor oil to your dry hair below.

● What Is Castor Oil Good For?

Before applying, it is essential to know what castor oil is good for and what it can’t do. You might have heard about castor oil application for hair growth. To tell you the bitter truth, it’s just an overhyped internet hack; there’s only anecdotal evidence about castor oil wonders for increasing hair length. It does work magically (like improving blood circulation on the scalp and nourishing hair follicles) to promote and trigger hair growth. Still, it’s not approved to treat baldness and receding hairlines.

The only FDA-approved treatments for male-patterned baldness are minoxidil and finasteride. Nevertheless, certain scientific studies on animals suggest using black castor oil with other hair-growth-promoting essential oils, such as rosemary and peppermint, for longer locks with regular use. But this magical therapy works only for specific hair types and scalps, most probably for dry and flaky ones.

However, castor oil is a natural goodness for dry, brittle hair with dandruff. The richness and antifungal properties of ricinoleic acid and omega fatty acids help your scalp moisturize and hydrate, killing dandruff and preventing hair breakage. Moreover, it does make your hair shiny and soft as it contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals essential for your hair’s structure and integrity.

 The Best Castor Oil For Longer Locks

Castor oil has three prominent varieties: cold-pressed, hydrogenated, and Jamaican black. They vary only in their manufacturing process, which alters their effectiveness and applications. However, the origin and properties of these castor oil types are the same.

Cold-pressed organic castor oil is pale yellow colored, obtained by pressing the fresh castor beans at low temperatures. In contrast, Jamaican black castor oil is prepared by roasting the beans at high temperatures, then grinding them into a paste which is further boiled in water before collection.

However, since high temperatures can decompose essential nutrients in the oil, The Goodbye Company prepares its high-quality JBCO via a unique method. They roast the beans at low temperatures and then cold-pressed them to obtain pure organic Ricinus oil. Here, roasting is essential, which makes JBCO so special compared to other oils because roasting intensifies the oil’s beneficial properties. Likewise, hydrogenated Ricinus oil is manufactured by the hydrogenation technique, which involves chemical catalysts.

Now you may be clear that JBCO is the best oil to revive your dull and dry hair. So grab a bottle of a premium-quality JBCO from your nearby market or buy it online. But before you buy, you must know what to look for in a bottle of Ricinus oil. It’s simple; look for three keywords on the label: Organic, Cold-pressed, and Pure (no mold, no pesticides, no additives, BPA-free, GMO-free. )

How To Apply Castor Oil To Hair?

Here are the detailed instructions on “how to apply castor oil to hair?”. However, if you do not want to read the lengthy blog and want a quick summary, look at the illustration below.

Gather Supplies:

Collect and prepare all the supplies needed for your haircare routine with castor oil. It will help since handling oils can be messy, so you must be organized. Youll requires:

  • The Goodbye Company Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Carrier oils of your choice and hair needs (Coconut, sweet almond, avocado,  mustard, jojoba, and argan)
  • Essential oils for promoting hair growth or treating dandruff (peppermint, rosemary, lavender, lemon, and tea tree oil).
  • Warm water for dampening hair (Always use cold water to wash your hair after shampoo).
  • Glass jar with an air-tight lid for shaking
  • Shower cap
  • Towel and old tee (to soak oil drips)

Diluting & Mixing

Since castor oil is thick and viscous, diluting it before applying it is essential to prevent clogging up your hair follicles. For this purpose, take a clean and dry glass jar with an air-tight lid. Add three tablespoons of Jamaican black castor oil (3 U.S. tbspn= 44.3 ml).

Then, add one tablespoon of each carrier oil you want to combine (prefer adding two). This selection depends on your hair needs (get a quick idea from the DIY hair masks with castor oil mentioned below). Put the lid on and shake well to blend oils of different viscosities thoroughly.

Preparing Castor Oil Treatment

After combing the oils, put the glass jar in a microwave for about 10 seconds. Ensure that your container must be microwave-friendly. However, if you are hesitant with high microwave temperatures, try warming the oil using a double boiler method (with your oil jar in a bowl of hot water). Remember to heat the oil before adding essential oils to prevent the degradation of volatile organic compounds.

This step is crucial since warm oil opens the pores of your scalp and enhances blood circulation, nourishing your hair follicles. When the oil comes to a cool temperature to touch yet still slightly warm, add a few drops of essential oil, e.g., rosemary, red thyme, or peppermint (for promoting hair growth, lemon, cedarwood, or tea tree (for treating dry, flaky scalp/dandruff). Then, mix again.

Preparing Your Hair

Dampen your hair with warm water to help open your scalp pores. Then, comb your hair if they are tangled. Combing hair using a wooden brush improves blood circulation to your scalp and distributes your scalp’s natural oils down to the tips. Work quickly before the oil cools down. And wear an old tee or cover your shoulders with a towel to soak oil drips. If you accidentally get oil stains, visit this blog to permanently remove castor oil stains on clothes.

Applying Castor Oil

Carefully apply warm oil to your hair roots; you can use a dropper or a spray bottle to reach your hair follicles easily. Massage gently using your fingers for about 5 minutes in a circular motion. Then, sparingly apply the castor oil mixture to your hair length and comb your hair using a wooden brush if necessary. Cover your hair using a shower cap (it entraps heat, boosts the function of essential fatty acids, and prevents your hair from drying out. Let it sit for about 25 minutes.


After the recommended leave-in time, wash your hair with a good-quality organic yet mild shampoo. As a rule, your shampoo should also include natural extracts that address your hair problem. Apply a conditioner afterward if you prefer, and finally, wash your hair with cold water to close your scalp pores and lock up all the nourishment in your hair follicles.

Apply the JBCO hair mask once a week initially; afterward, you can alter the application frequency according to your hair needs. See noticeable good changes in your hair after 2-3 months with regular use (set frequency). Moreover, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo if you notice an oil build-up or a greasy scalp.

Note: Try JBCO on a small area of your scalp if you use it for the first time. Moreover, if you notice a rash or allergy to black castor oil, discontinue its use; it is rare but happens with hypersensitive skin.

5 Tried And Tested Castor Oil Treatment Hair Masks

Identify your hair problem and find out the solution right from here. Here are five best castor oil hair masks that can solve all your hair problems in just 30 minutes. Prepare these masks at home and apply them fresh to achieve results. For best upshots, apply regularly (once weekly or every other week).

#1 JBCO+Avocado Oil+ Olive Oil (For Treating Dry Scaly Scalps)

If you have a dry, flaky scalp and rough hair, try this DIY hair mask once weekly to get healthy, soft, and hydrated hair. For this, add a tablespoon of each oil (JBCO, avocado, and olive oil) and mix them in a bowl. Warm the oils and apply them according to the detailed method (How to Apply Castor Oil to Hair ) above.

#2 JBCO +Peppermint Oil & JBCO + Rosemary Oil (For Boosting Hair Growth)

Want to boost your hair growth? Try these hair masks to get magical results. Both hair masks are equally effective; you can opt for one according to the availability of the essential oil. To make this DIY magical potion, mix two tablespoons of The Goodbye Company JBCO with 2-3 drops of peppermint or rosemary oil. You can also add one tablespoon of coconut oil to these masks. Warm the oil before adding essential oil and massage on your scalp. Follow the same application method mentioned above.

#3 JBCO + Onion Juice (For Treating Dandruff And Rough Hair)

Onion has antifungal properties due to the presence of sulfide in it. Therefore, this mask is quite effective for stubborn dandruff and scalp dryness. This mask also works to make your hair silky and smooth. To make it, blend some fresh onions and sieve the juice. Then, take a bowl and add a tablespoon or two of  JBCO in it and lightly warm the oil before adding onion juice in it. Mix it well and apply as directed above.

#4 JBCO + Sweet Almond Oil (For Reviving And Hydrating Hair)

Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E and omega fatty acids that nourish your hair. So this hair mask is for those longing for silky, moisturized, and smooth hair. Take a bowl and add 1:1 of JBCO and sweet almond oil. Warm the oily blend on a medium flame. Then cool it to the touch and massage thoroughly on your scalp down to the tips.

#5 JBCO + Coconut Oil + Aloe Vera (For Voluminous Hair)

We designed this Vitamin E-enriched hair mask for a voluminous boost to your hair. It contains aloe vera, black castor oil, and coconut oil to nourish your hair and make it strong and healthy. To make it, first, take the required amount of JBCO in a bowl and warm it. At this point, you can also add a teaspoon of fenugreek or basil seeds to intensify the sound effects of this basic hair mask.

Then, add half part of the fresh aloe vera gel. Mix it vigorously until it becomes homogenous. Damp your hair with warm water and comb your hair. Then, apply this thick blend to your scalp and hair. Massage in a circular motion using a scalp massager to help the hair mask penetrate deep into your hair roots. Wear a shower cap and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo and cold water to lock in all the goodness.

How Long Should I Leave Castor Oil In My Hair?

Beauty experts and industry insiders suggest leaving castor oil in your hair for about 20-30 minutes. They recommend not applying it overnight unless you have ultra-dry and coarse strands. It is because, after four hours, the fatty acids break down and accumulate debris, clogging your hair roots, causing inflammation and hair fall.

If you have silky soft hair and want castor oil to promote hair growth and treat split ends, 20-25 minutes of leave-in time is enough for good results. You should repeat the application once weekly.

On the other hand, if you have an oily scalp, dilute castor oil generously with carrier oils and leave it on for about 15 minutes. For greasy scalps, once in two weeks is enough to see benefits over side effects (increased oily buildup, accumulation of debris, and clogged hair follicles). However, you may adjust the leave-in time of castor oil according to your hair needs, frequency of application, and type of hair mask.

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair

  • Use a scalp massager before applying castor oil. It will help accelerate blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, loosen dandruff, and stimulate hair follicles. Consequently, your scalp effectively absorbs all the nutrients and goodness of JBCO.
  • Always add a few drops of hair-growth-promoting essential oil to boost hair growth. Use the hair mask regularly to see the good results in just eight weeks.
  • If living in a cold region, you can use a hair steamer after castor oil application for maximum oil penetration into the scalp. However, steaming can be dangerous for health in temperate regions, so that a shower cap will do the work.
  • Repair and restore your internal health because external treatments do not give ever-lasting benefits. Take a balanced diet of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. You can also take hair growth supplements with meals following a doctor’s recommendation.


Does Castor Oil Increase Hair Growth?

Castor oil does not directly increase hair length. The magical vegetable oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These essentials scavenge free radicals, which are involved in a destructive process called oxidative stress. In addition to several damaging effects, oxidative stress in the body contributes to hair fall. Therefore, castor oil eradicates free radicals and triggers hair growth.

Moreover, the oil comprises several essential omega-fatty acids that work analogous to prostaglandins E2 and inhibit the inflammatory response in your hair follicles, nourishing them adequately and stimulating hair growth. Nevertheless, try approved therapies such as Minoxidil (as prescribed) to treat male-patterned baldness.

How Often Should I Apply Castor Oil To My Hair?

For dry scalp, apply castor oil once weekly initially. Then increase or decrease the application frequency according to your hair needs. However, apply castor oil hair mask once every two weeks if you have a combination type to oily scalp.

How Long Does It Take For Castor Oil To Work?

It takes only 15- 30 minutes for The Goodbye Company JBCO to work effectively, according to the recommended method above. 

How Long Do You Leave Castor Oil Treatment In Your Hair?

It’s best not to exceed 30 minutes for leaving castor oil treatment in your hair. If you follow the application method and tips mentioned above, half an hour will be more than enough to achieve good results.

Can I Leave Castor Oil In My Hair Overnight?

It is not recommended to leave castor oil in your hair overnight unless they are super thick, coarse, and terribly dry. Repeated overnight applications may cause oil buildup and clogged hair follicles. However, if you have a combination type to oily scalp, apply it for 15-20 minutes once per two weeks.

Does Castor Oil Treat Gray Hair?

No scientific evidence supports castor oil to treat gray hair. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to reverse graying hair after the melanocyte stem cells get depleted in your hair follicles. Nevertheless, you can take a blanched diet, manage stress, and try supplements such as vitamin D and B12 to prevent premature graying of your hair.

Does Castor Oil Go Bad?

Like other oils, castor oil goes bad since it contains fatty acids that undergo rancidification after a particular duration. So after opening the lid of your castor oil, use it before its shelf life. It will begin to turn rancid after a year.


Castor oil, more precisely the Jamaican black castor oil, is the new haircare secret to get flawlessly healthy, strong, and shiny hair. It’s true that there’s only anecdotal evidence to support castor oil application for hair growth. Still, it’s also surprising to know that this magical potion does work wonders to stimulate hair growth. It is because of its nutrient-rich composition, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents,  and nourishing essentials.

Nevertheless, following the adequate application method is crucial to get maximum benefits and no side effects from castor oil. So refer to the above description on “how to apply castor oil to hair” and choose the best DIY hair mask with castor oil according to your hair needs. Also, carefully follow the quick tips and leave-in timings for the best results. Enjoy your beautiful and healthy hair!

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